2011 Women’s Cup Final

Redbacks make it four-in-a-row


Scoring Summary
Northern Redbacks 3 Beckenham Angels 2
 Jacqueline NELLANY 41′, 64′  Andrea PREIATO 7′
 Tui WINETI 51′  Danielle JEANS 69′ pen
Match Information
Date:  Sunday 2 October
Ground:  Frank Drago Reserve
Attendance:  Appx 500
Match Time:  12.00pm
Official:  Mark WILLIAMS
Yellow Cards
 Katie MOTH 63′  Danielle CALAUTTI 66′
Red Cards
Nil  Nil

Report by Val McQuillan

Jackie Nellany sent two home for Northern Redbacks, helping to secure a 3-2 win over Beckenham Angels in the 2011 Women’s Cup Final at Frank Drago Reserve.

The win has made it a phenomenal four-in-a-row for Coach Tim Hodgson and the Northern Redbacks Soccer Club, who also finished the league in top position for 2011.

With a thunderstorm looming, things got underway at noon with Redbacks winning the toss and Beckenham kicking off as the crowd instantly got behind their side.

It was Beckenham who gained some dominance first up with a strong partnership between golden boot winner Andrea Preiato and Danielle Calautti.

Beckenham’s superb display of teamwork and clever passing was rewarded in the seventh minute when a cross from the right found Preiato unmarked in front of goal. With a quick volley into the corner, Beckenham were one up over a stunned Northern Redbacks.

Carol Howes almost had a chance for the equaliser in the 17th minute, but Beckenham’s defence were quick to shut her down before the shot could be taken.

Minutes later it was Jackie Nellany who came close after dribbling the ball in, but a smother by goalkeeper Kristy Teschinsky denied Nellany the shot.

The first corner of the match came in the 27th minute for Redbacks only to be beautifully saved and hit out by Teschinsky before anyone could get a touch on it.

Steph Figueira’s cross almost gave Preiato her second but the header went wide out to Jamie-Lee Gale who sent it back to Preiato, but her second shot went just left of the post.

Moments later Figueira’s pass to an unmarked Kirby Larsen resulted in a spectacular shot from the edge of the 18-yard box, causing a diving save by Kathleen Waycott and a treat for supporters in the stand.

The crowd erupted in the 41st minute after Jackie Nellany’s skilful display of ball control and a left foot shot sent the ball to the keeper’s right and across the line to give Redbacks the equaliser.

Six minutes into the second half, Tui Wineti fired her shot into the net after receiving a long range lob from Ebony Drane back near the half way line. The score was 2-1 and things were starting to open up for Redbacks as they stamped a claim on the 2011 Cup trophy.

A chance for an equaliser came in the 63′ minute with Kristina Ikac’s direct free kick taken 20 metres out from goal. The shot was on target but easily saved by Waycott and Redbacks remained in front.

Just one minute later Redbacks all but sealed their win when Nellany received a ball on the edge of the six yard box. Teschinsky came out of her goal to put pressure on Nellany but she quickly volleyed her second over the keeper’s head.

A lucky break then came for the Angels with a penalty in the 68th minute for a handball in the box. Captain Danielle Jeans lined up the shot and sent it home as Waycott missed the ball by just centimetres.

Angels then upped the pressure as they pushed for an equaliser and a chance came with a through ball for Kirby Larsen, but Katie Moth was too quick and cleared it before Larsen could do anything with it.

Shawn Billam nearly made it four for Redbacks in the 80th minute but a great smother by Teschinsky brought the play to a stand still after she was injured in the collision. After two minutes stoppage, play resumed but three minutes extra time wasn’t enough for Beckenham and Redbacks secured their fourth win in-a-row.

“How do you think I feel?” was the happy response from Redbacks Coach Tim Hodgson when asked how he felt about winning both the league and four cup titles in a row.

“It’s been a fantastic season but we digged deep for players this year after losing seven to NTC and three to the senior NTC team,” he said.

“We had to keep the changes going during the match to keep on top as we have had a few injuries.”

“Beckenham played well and congratulations to them for a great game.”

Beckenham Angels’ Kirby Larsen was named the Player of the Match.

Northern Redbacks: GK. Kathleen WAYCOTT, 2. Shawn BILLAM, 3. Emily DUNN, 4. Aleisha DYER, 5. Lyndsey VALENTINE, 6. Carla BENNETT, 7. Rebecca DAVIES, 8. Carol HOWES, 9. Jacqueline NELLANY, 10. Tui WINETI, 11. Katie MOTH, 12. Ashlee BAGER, 13. Rebecca DUDEK (c), 14. Ebony DRANE, 15. Steph GRANT, 16. Leigh KELLY.

Beckenham Angels: GK. Kristy TESCHINSKY 2. Danielle JEANS (c), 3. Kirby LARSEN, 4. Elizabeth COURTLEY, 5. Kayla COPPENS, 6. Daniella SIMONETTI, 7. Steph FIGUEIRA, 8. Jamie-Lee GALE, 9. Nicola DIAMOND, 10. Kristina IKAC, 11. Fiona BARNARD, 12. Danielle CALAUTTI, 13. Penny TANNERHOATH, 15. Andrea PREIATO, 16. Jessica FERGUSON

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