Beckenham Angels on board with Miniroos

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Beckenham Angels Women’s Soccer Club will host a FREE AIA Vitality MiniRoos For Girls event at Mills Park on Tuesday, May 3.

Football West News

MiniRoos For Girls, a Football Federation Australia initiative, is an introductory program for girls aged 4-9.

Participants will enjoy short, game-based sessions in a fun, friendly environment.

Premier side coach Jason Washington-King said the MiniRoos For Girls program fits nicely with the Angels philosophy.

“We are very committed to providing pathways for young girls to play football and enjoy the game in a supportive and inclusive environment,” he said.

“We believe in football for all and this program will provide access to young girls regardless of background and ability.

“We have a number of very talented and experienced female players who are excellent role models and mentors for young players who will be involved with the program.”

The event will run from 5:30pm-6:15pm at Mills Park, Beckenham on Tuesday, May 3.

Following the free event, the club will run an eight-week MiniRoos For Girls program.

To register your daughter for this free event please email your daughter’s name and age to AIA Vitality MiniRoos Development Officer Christopher Adams at