An equal playing field, atop a mountain

( 27 Jun 2017 EPF Initiative climb Mount Kilimanjaro for football match Game played is highest ever recorded: at 5729 metres Amazing feat is to raise awareness of gender inequality Achieving gender equality is a daily challenge, and one which is embodied by many metaphors. ‘A long journey’, or ‘a balancing of the scales’. How about […]

Expanding Horizons: A discussion about the introduction of a 10th W-League team

May 24, 2017 Later this year, the Westfield W-League is set to reach an important milestone as it commences its 10th season. In that time period the W-League has powered the growth and success of the Matildas, along with the progression and popularity of women’s football at grassroots. Now, more than ever, there has been […]

Perth Glory Coaches Awards 2016/17

Congratulations Natasha Rigby! What a breakout season it has been for the girl from Margaret River! Tash has won the Prestigious Perth Glory Women Coaches Award for Westfield W-League Season 2016-17.

Sam Kerr’s triumph over tribulation

ANN ODONG 2 May 2017 Standing in the spotlight, camera lenses pointed in her direction, flashes firing, Sam Kerr grasped a bronzed medallion that carried the weighted of a storied name with a storied history of winners. Julie Murray, Joanne Peters, Heather Garriock, Lisa De Vanna, Sally Shipard; this was the night that a once […]

All W-League players to be paid after pay deal signed- racap 2016 October 24, 2016 THE W-League will take baby steps towards professionalism this season, with a new pay deal confirming that all players are recompensed for the first time. Australia’s national women’s soccer league has been criticised for using amateur players without paying them. In an era of growing prominence and respect for women’s sport, […]