Club benefits from Barnett funding: Northern Redbacks Celebration Park

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Premier Colin Barnett kicked goals for women’s football after officially opening the Northern Redbacks redeveloped clubrooms in Balga on Sunday.

Football West News

The State Government, with support of the Department of Sports and Recreation, gave the highly successful women-only club a $500,000 grant for the redevelopment of club facilities.

Redbacks Treasurer Keith Anderson thanked the Barnett Government, DSR and the City of Stirling for their support.

“This [government funding] has converted a very outdated building consisting of four gloomy change rooms with limited showers and toilets, to a facility with modern tiled change rooms, showers and toilets considered suitable for today’s female athletes,” he said.

“The addition of the clubroom, complete with referees changeroom, dedicated toilets, storerooms, and an integrated kitchen and kiosk, is a huge assistance for social and club management functions and weekly fundraising activities.”

Anderson believes the facilities will help with the ongoing growth of the women’s game.