Object: Trials for Women State Premier, State Reserve and Metro Division 1
Dates: November, Monday 7th, 14th, 21st from 6.30 to 8.00 PM
Location: Wauhop Park

Women’s State Premier:
The club is looking for up to 18 talented players keen to play at the highest level. They will commit to at least two training sessions per week and adhere to the team and club values.
Players in this squad will be committed to the team as their first sporting choice and be available for the whole season.

Women’s State Premier Reserves:
The reserve team will primarily be a development squad with the majority of players under 21 years of age.
Players in this squad will be committed to developing their game and aspire to play in the first team squad. They must be able to commit to at least two training sessions per week and adhere to the team and club values.

Metro Division 1:
The club seeks up to 18 players looking for a competitive environment but may not be able to commit to the same training or playing regime as the Premier squad.
This is NOT a “social” team – it is the highest ranked team outside of the State League and will be made up of players that could play at a higher level but prefer not to.

The three squads will train on the same nights and same ground. It is expected that players in all three squads will be willing and able to assist each other throughout the season if necessary.

Trials Process
Players will be graded over 3 sessions by coaches. Players not awarded a spot in one of these three teams will be offered a position in our Metro Div 3, 4 or 5 (the club will possibly be awarded a Div 2 spot next season).
If you are not able to attend the trials but interested in joining one of the squads, please contact State Premier Coach Nassa on coaching-staff@hotmail.com or 0434 582 113 or David Moore at david@lifespan.biz.

The Club is focused on establishing a strong youth development with direct pathways for both junior and senior players to the highest level in either State or Metropolitan Divisions. In this regard, the club encourages experienced players to join the coaching staff in our youth and junior teams to coach and mentor young players.

David Moore
Vice President and Women Soccer Co-ordinator
East Fremantle Tricolore Soccer Club