Think Women’s State League. There are more than a handful of female coaches across the 18 teams in Premier and Division One.

I count 1 in 2.5. That’s 7 of the 18 WSL teams across premier (8 teams) and division one (10 teams).

1. Former Glory midfielder Elisa D’Ovidio at Quinns (8th in Premier)
2. Lisa Tana at Balcatta (6th in Premier)
3. Jessine Bonzas at NTC (4th in Premier)
4. Former NZ International Kelly Ann Jarden at Bassendean (sitting first in Division One)
5. Former Australian player Sandra Brentnall at Leeming (sitting 5th in Division One)
6. Product of the John Curtin School of Football, Gabrielle Walker-Ortega at Melville (5th in Premier)
7. Lisa Beatty at Wanneroo City (sitting 2nd in Division One)

Then there’s our very highly qualified Ann Gourley, Coaching Director of the entire Kelmscott Roos Club, former Matilda Collette McCallum at Ellenbrook United, Becky Piotrowski at Vic Park (coaching men’s amateur football), Nicola Williams, who while very highly qualified in coaching (Matildas young squads), is actually not coaching because she is playing Premier football at Northern Redbacks and is continually upskilling her incredible coaching resume and Carolina Morace, former International player and coach and now coaching here in Perth.

That’s pretty good statistics for a state that has one of the smallest registration bases in Australia, should surely be promoting a high profile competition for a Womens NPL in the very near future, has been encouraging the implementation of leadership programmes for our members via the Women’s Standing Committee and Football West Women’s Development Officers (in the past- position vacant at present) and is still on the fastest train ride that is the largest growing part of the World Game…?

Just saying….we are doing OK as far as producing some very highly talented and motivated coaches and mentors for our young, impressionable, football community.

Well done Ladies!! Maybe with the new Women’s Development Officer at Football West coming on board this month, these stats will increase even more in the future.

Thanks for those coaches who have kept me on my toes by passing on more information. I wonder how many female coaches there in total are across the entire Metropolitan Leagues and throughout Western Australia? Another post maybe…