Final Youth Championship Results and Awards

Winners: Lily Ryan (NSW), Tony Franken (FFA Head of Goalkeeping) and Morgan Aquino (WA)

Goalkeeper of the Championships

Thursday, July 09, 2015

WA’s Morgan Aquino has won the U15 goalkeeper of the National Youth Championships in Coffs Harbour despite a 2-0 loss to NSW Country on the final day of the tournament.

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Aquino, who has won the award two-years running, had shown great leadership from the back according to former Perth Glory Women midfielder and head coach Elisa D’Ovidio.

“Morgan is a very consistent player and has had a fantastic tournament,” she said.

“She is a great leader for the girls and there is plenty more to come from her.”

D’Ovidio is pleased with her side’s performance despite finishing fourth-placed in Group A.

“It was both a physical and mental test for the girls,” she said.

“But they challenged themselves, played good football and showed they can keep up with best in Australia.

“There is plenty of positives to take away from the competition and it’s amazing to see the style of football evolving.”

The U13 team finished second-placed of Group B, equalling the same points as table-toppers Canberra but falling short on goal difference.

National Youth Championships results

Day five
U15: NSW Country 2 (Beth Bernards 3′, Madalyn Moffat 43′) – WA 0
Capital Football 4 (Isabella Barac 9′, 54′, Cecilija Matic 42′, OG 58′) – WA 0

Day four
U15: South Australia 1 (Chanel Todino 48′) – WA 3 (Tia Bergin 3′, Tessa De Leo 21′, Georgia Cawley 32′)
U13: WA 3 (OG 10′, Annabelle Leek 11′, Yasmin Furse 38′) – Tasmania 2 (OG 12′, Oriana Kossman 47′)

Day three
U15: Tasmania 1 (Jade Williams 22′) – WA 4 (Lauren De Gaye 2′, Bianca Webb 16′, Tessa De Leo 54′, Kizanne Mulder 60′)
U13: WA 9 (Abbey Green 3′, 4′, 19′, 49′, Yasmin Furse 21′, 42′, Taneesha Baker 32′, Eden-Lee Schaffer 48′, 51′) – Northern Territory 0

Day two
U15: WA 0 – Victoria 1 (Alina Zahovic 29′)
U13: NSW Country 1 (Tess Vaccari 16′) – WA 2 (Leticia McKenna 27′, 49′)

Day one
U15: WA 1 (Isabella Foletta 50′) – NSW Metro 1 (Karly Vouros 44′)
U13: WA 2 (Yasmin Furse 8′, 57′) – NSW Metro 5 (Courtney Nevin 19′, 44′, 51′, Julia Vignes 32′, Natalie Vukovic 59′) *Cross-over match.

WA’s best young female players kicked off their Football Federation Australia National Youth Championships in Coffs Harbour on Monday.

U13 squad: Tanessha Baker; Siobhan Connolly; Yasmin Furse; Abbey Green; Jade Inskster; Annabelle Leek; Leticia McKenna; Emma McMurdo; Grace Mitchell; Mia Njirich; Thalia Organ; Ashleigh Santich; Eden-Lee Schaffer; Danielle Suckling; Nicole Tjahyadi; Isabella Wallhead.
Coach: Darren Young
Assistant: Faye Chambers
Manager: Salv Todaro

U15 squad: Morgan Aquino; Rosie Lehane; Ashling Devitt; Cheyenne Wise-Jarvis; Tessa De Leo; Sofie Osborne; Georgia Cawley; Isabella Foletta; Katie Grayson; Kizanne Mulder; Bianca Webb; Georgie Ireland; Lauren DeGaye; Tia Bergin; Sasha Edwards; Tylah Nation.
Coach: Elisa D’Ovidio
Assistant: Collette McCallum
Manager: Donna Harris
Physiotherapist: Lauren McCreay

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