Football Federation Victoria documents to help support your club endeavours

Here are some supportive documents to help with recruitment, participation and retention of females in soccer. Also how to make your facility female friendly.

1. ffv-player-retention

FFV Retention & Recruitment Information Guide
FFV has created this document to assist clubs with some strategies to primarily retain their current players, and secondarily present some recruitment strategies. The document addresses the key findings from
the recent national member growth program conducted by FFA.

2. ffv-increasing-female-participation

Brief introduction to document:
Section 1:
Club Checklist– how does your club “actively” support the inclusion of females?
Section 2:
Key Facts and Strategies for Engaging Young Females
Section 3:
Club Action Plan

3. active-women-female-friendly-facility

Women’s and girls’ involvement in sport and active recreation is influenced by the
environment where they participate. If the facility where they participate is safe and meets
their needs, they are more likely to continue their involvement.While your organisation may
not be able to implement all the ideas below, it may help you consider the needs of women
and girls and identify some areas to improve your facility.