Football West 4×4 Skills Development Programme

The recent Football – Futbol – Voetbal (FFV) program held by Football West’s Development and Education Department was hugely successful with over 60 children participating at the clinic held at Gibbney Reserve, Maylands.

The exciting 4 x 4 program, developed by Football West, is designed to provide players with a fun and enjoyable way to develop their skills and improve their game.

“It has been tremendous to see the amount of skill and confidence the children have on the ball when they play in the FFV environment,” said Mark Lee , Football West Youth Development Officer.

“All of the parents have been educated on the importance of allowing the children to play without interference from the sidelines and we are really looking forward to launching the new venue in Joondalup this November.”

Players build upon their skill and ability by gaining valuable experience in real match play situations, whilst ensuring they get the most out of the game by being more involved.

The 4v4 model allows greater involvement in the play, whilst maintaining the essential elements of the game. On average, players will achieve:

– 135% more passes;
– 500% more goals scored;
– 225% more 1v1 encounters and; and
– 280% more dribbling skills or tricks.

The FFV Clinics will continue to run throughout November with both the Maylands and Joondalup programs commencing on Saturday, 4 November 2006.

Click on the links below for further information plus the Registration form:

Parent Handout – additional information regarding the clinics
Registration Form
For further information please contact Mark Lee, Youth Development Officer, on 9422 6900 or email