Football West & Smarter Than Smoking Player Clinics

Football West is providing player clinics for all Smarter Than Smoking Womens Premier League Reserve clubs that receive a “BYE” during the 2006 season.

Tanya Oxtoby – the captain of the Football West NTC Program and the Western Waves, has been appointed development coach to conduct the advanced coaching clinics which commence on Sunday 23 April 2006 at Queens Park Soccer Club between 3.00pm and 4.30pm.

Each Smarter Than Smoking Womens Premier Reserve club will receive 4 byes throughout the season creating an excellent opportunity for players to take part in this new program and develop the their game.

Program Topics are:

Keeping the Ball
Winning the Ball
Innovative Games at Training
Scoring Goals

Tanya will be supported at various times by other representative coaches and players to ensure that the players have a first rate experience. The program will be overseen and coordinated by Andrew Bettell (Education and Development Manager) and Alistair Edwards (FFA Young Matildas Coach, Western Waves and NTC Coach).

We look forward to meeting the Queen’s park Players next week and all of you throughout the season.