Frank Longstaff passes on

Frank Longstaff passed on last night after several weeks in hospital. Condolences to his family. It’s great to see the football familys sentiments for Franks family.

During Franks time as WA women’s state team coach in 1994 and 1995, such players as Lizzy Claydon, Luch Colangelo and Tracey Wheeler passed through his reigns.

Frank recommended me to the then Matilda’s Coach Tom Sermanni for my shot at the dream.

Remember nearly killing the guy on one of our tours Reevesy, when we were throwing ‘flour’ bombs at him in the hotel, only to realise they were actually bicarbonate soda, after he started choking…. Damn hotel kitchens, nothing is labelled correctly or was it an after dark raid? Geez were we quiet after that! His comeback? ‘Live by the sword, die by the sword.’

What a character.

So long Coach.