Help Us Shape Your Game

Football West has launched an unprecedented study into the demographics of participants and their satisfaction with football in Western Australia to help shape the future of the game.
Through a series of surveys, delivered via, the Insights Project will allow Football West to collect a comprehensive data set about football fans, players, parents, club volunteers, referees and coaches.
As the sport’s governing body in WA, Football West will use the data collected through the first study of its kind to build a picture of the football community and implement widespread improvements to its programs and competitions.
Chief Executive Officer James Curtis, who was appointed in July 2016, said the Insights Project was crucial in assisting Football West in improving its services.
“This is a critical time for football in Western Australia with more people involved in the game than ever before,” Curtis said.
“The incredible growth of the game also creates challenges that we, as an organisation, must be able to meet to ensure we continue to deliver to participants.
“The feedback we will collect through the Insights Project will allow us to make important, informed decisions for the betterment of the game in the near, medium and long-term future.”
Football is the most-played team sport in Australia and has grown significantly in WA since the game’s various groups were united under the Football West banner in 2004.
It has experienced 63% growth in the past 12 years with an estimated state-wide participation of around 230,000. Football West directly engaged with 44,000 registered players in 2016.
Football West’s initial surveys target different aspects of the football community, specifically:
    • Club volunteers
    • Football fans
    • Players
    • Parents of players
    • Coaches
    • Referees
These surveys will form a baseline for more targeted surveying that will be conducted soon as part of Football West’s strategic approach to improving the game.
Football participants not registered with Football West are also encouraged to participate by completing the Overall Satisfaction Survey.
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