1988 WA State Team courtesy Stephen Frater

Known for her incredibly athletic ‘salmon’ goal keeping saves throughout her career. Harris predominantly played at Morley Windmills and Sorrento Soccer Clubs, where she represented Western Australia on numerous occasions in goals. It was in the administration space that Harris excelled, becoming Western Australia’s first paid Executive Officer in 1991 for Women’s Soccer WA at the Home of Football at Perry Lakes Stadium, also occupied by the semi professional men’s soccer body, Soccer Federation WA, the Western Australian Amateur Soccer Association and the Junior Soccer Association. In 1993 Gibbney Reserve Maylands proudly hosted the Open Age National Women’s Soccer Championships. WA claimed Gibbney Reserve to be the first soccer association in Western Australia to have its own home ground. Harris was part of an incredible WAWSA committee throughout the 1990’s that boasted many firsts for women’s soccer in Western Australia. Working alongside inspirational characters such as Janette Spencer and Sandra Szopski, the committee brought inaugural Girls Soccer Academies, Girls Soccer Leagues and Development Officers to the women’s soccer space, that were the triggers and foundations of massive growth in the sport in WA. Sitting on the Football Australia Board throughout the 1990’s and touring with National teams as part of the official parties, Harris was influential in the rebranding of the Australian Team name to the ‘Matildas’ in 1995.

Referenced from Kerry Harris herself!