Lisa De Vanna
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Heroes of Western Australian Women's Soccer (Football)

Celebrate the characters and the visionaries, the fans, the heroes and those dedicated to making it all happen. We acknowledge the pioneers, men and women, who laid the foundations for those who walk along the path today. Or rather, RUN along the path towards everything we ever wanted women’s soccer to be. Included are Administrators, Players, Team Managers, Coaches and those that gave to the game over decades.

Who left a legacy for us?

Richard Bales, Oscar Mate, Peter Dimopoulos, Barbara Gibson, Sandra Brentnall, Jude Pettitt, Janette Spencer, Tal Karp, Tim Hodgson, Lisa De Vanna, Sam Kerr. These are some of the names we remember for leaving their legacy in Western Australian football. Watch this space and more heroes will emerge.