A Timeline of Women's Football
in Western Australia

Enjoy this reconstruction of Western Australia’s women’s soccer history. Now more than 50 years old, pioneers in women’s soccer in Western Australia such as Richard Bales and Doctor Oscar Mate, were instrumental in the setting up of the Girls Soccer Association in 1972 and the Western Australian Women’s Soccer Association in 1974. Newspapers referenced ‘ladies’ in football as early as 1922 and when post war emigration boomed, European football in Western Australia generally grew, but not so much for women in football. The likes of Perth Soccer Club, the Azzurri, established itself as a powerhouse in men’s football and it wasn’t until 1958-1963 that Azzurri women started to don the boots in some form. Remember that females were not encouraged to play football in this period. It wasn’t until 1972 that a Perth Metropolitan league was organised as the inaugural competition in Western Australia. Shortly followed by the South West in 1975.

Daily News 1922

1922 Kalgoorlie Miner

The Daily Newspaper, West Australian and Kalgoorlie Miner made references in 1922 to 'ladies' in football in WA.

1927 Lake Grace women's team play men's team in fundraiser

On Easter Monday, Lake Grace women’s team are scheduled to play the local men’s side in a fundraiser for the town’s hospital.

1946 Rosabrook Ladies v Margaret Ladies in Margaret River carnival

Rosabrook Ladies and Margaret Ladies played at a carnival in mid August at Margaret River and "battled in a style all of their own for sixty minutes" with the former running out victors by 3-1. This was thought to be the first recorded women's game taking place outside of Perth until 2023. The Margaret River Carnival is one of the oldest regional carnivals in Western Australia, commencing in 1938 (Reference: Ron Moss, South West historian).

1949 Fremantle City First Social Game

22 women from Fremantle City play a social game in May. "The spirit with which the ladies entered this game is to be commended and augers well for the future of the social side of the Fremantle club," reports the ‘Soccer Football Journal’.

1949 Western Mail

1949 North Perth Women play benefit match

In September, women from the North Perth club take the field at Woodville Reserve to play the men in a benefit match for two injured players. Clipping courtesy City of Vincent and the Western Mail.

1952 Collie Towns SC Ron Moss

1952 Early Collie Town SC Team

Collie Town SC were one of the early teams to establish themselves in the south west. Photo thanks to Ron Moss.

City of Vincent 1958 Azzurri v Julia

1958 Azzurri v Julia

The women’s teams of Azzurri (blue) and Julia (red) meet in a Sunday friendly at Dorrien Gardens, where the Azzure claims victory by 3-0 in front of a crowd of thousands.

Paddocks to Pitches Richard Kreider 1971

1971 Vel-Belles v Beauts

The Vel-Belles take on the Beauts (Azzurri and Graylands) in a friendly at Subiaco Oval as a curtain raiser to the WA men's State team game versus Moscow Dynamo match in February. The two teams play further games at the Silver Sands Soccer Festival in Rockingham and the Kwinana Soccer Carnival. 'Sunday Times' journalist Richard Bales forms the Australian Girls Soccer Association in July. Four months later, Oscar Mate becomes the first Chairman of the association, which is then renamed the Western Australian Girls Soccer Association. Clipping from Richard Kreider's Paddocks to Pitches.

1972 Girls Soccer Association flag courtesy Tony Smith

1972 The Girl's Soccer League Commences

Balga, Swan Athletic, Sorrento, South Perth United, Azzurri and Kwinana United contest the inaugural season of women's football in the Perth metropolitan area, which kicks off on 7 July. Swan win the league without defeat and five points clear of runners-up Azzurri. Reference: No Longer A Gentleman's Game, Authored by Penny Tanner (1991)

Joan Tonkin WAWSA Patron

1973 A Patron Is Selected

So great is the interest in women's football that the 1973 season features 12 teams who play a 22 game season. WA President, Oscar Mate, approached Joan Tonkin to become the Patron of women’s soccer in WA, to which she accepted. Joan is one of only two Patrons that have graced women’s soccer, the other being Alannah MacTiernan.

1974 Albany Association Grows

The Albany Association increased in size to include four teams: Albany, Mt Barker, Busselton and Wagin.

Soccers A Girls Game Bill Barrett

1974 Oscar Mate Voted Inaugural Australian President

Western Australia compete at the first National Championship, hosted by New South Wales in July/August. NSW as host State, win the tournament with Northern New South Wales pipping the Black Swans for second by way of goal difference. Sharon Loveless (Mateljan) from Azzurri and Irene Francis (Levitzke) from Queens Park, were selected in an Australian All Star Team. Oscar Mate is unanimously appointed President of the Australian Women's Soccer Association, which is formed during the National Championship. The Albany Association increased in size to include four teams- Albany, Mt Barker, Busselton and Wagin. Exert from No Longer A Gentleman’s Game, Penny Tanner (1991)

1-1975 Bunbury Dynamos courtesy Brenda Bennett

1975 Bunbury Dynamo Challenges Collie President to Form a Team

"Bunbury Dynamo's Ron Moss challenges Collie President, Dominic Italiano, to form a women's team to play Dynamos. These social games became the spark that ignited the interest for other clubs to come forward with ladies teams." Ron Moss, South West Soccer History (2006). Photo courtesy Brenda Bennett.

Tersa Kozak 1975 article WSNLGG

1975 Teresa Kozak Becomes First Female President

Teresa Varadi (Barbara Kozak’s sister) becomes the first President of the Western Australian Women’s Soccer Association aged just 22. Exert from Women's Soccer No Longer A Gentleman's Game

1974-Oscar-Mate courtesy FHOF

1975 Oscar Mate Retires

Peter Dimopoulos and Barbara Gibson join the cause for women’s soccer and Oscar Mate retires from WAWSA to focus on his commitment to the Australian Women’s Soccer Association.

Western Australian Womens Soccer Association logo

1975 Association Changes It's Name

The local association changes its name to the Western Australian Women's Soccer Association (WAWSA) and forms a new logo of the black swan overlaid onto the profile of Western Australia.

1975 WA state team courtesy Peter Dimopoulos

1975 WA Undefeated At National Championships

The Western Australian state team travel to Brisbane for the second National Championships and finish as undefeated Champions over Queensland. Teresa Kozak, Sharon Mateljan and Linda Mateljan were honoured with selection in the tournament 'All-Stars'. Exert from No Longer A Gentleman’s Game, Penny Tanner (1991) Peter Dimopoulos and Barbara Gibson join the cause for women’s soccer and Oscar Mate retires from WAWSA to focus on his commitment to the Australian Women’s Soccer Association. The Western Australian state team travel to Brisbane for the second National Championships and finish as undefeated Champions over Queensland. Teresa Kozak, Sharon Mateljan and Linda Mateljan were honoured with selection in the tournament 'All-Stars'. Exert from No Longer A Gentleman’s Game, Penny Tanner, 1991

1977 WA state team courtesy Jill Sison

1977 Western Australia Tour Malaysia

Western Australia takes part in a ground-breaking tour of Malaysia and Singapore, the first Western Australian female representative side to venture into Asia. The WA State team wins all six games played in Malaysia and draws the single friendly in Singapore. The team is treated like royalty and matches were attended by thousands. Seven WA players travelling to Malaysia (Sharon Loveless, Julie Clayton, Jude Pettitt, Sandra Brentnall, Jill Syson, Teresa Kozak and Anna Senjuschenko) are later selected for the Australian Tour to Taiwan in 1978. Photos thanks to Jill Syson (Gray) and Peter Dimopoulos.

1977 Perth Leagues Expand

The Perth leagues expand into three open aged women's divisions.

1977 WA State team courtesy West Australian Newspaper

1977 WA Hosts The National Championships

WA hosts the National Championships at the Lake Monger Velodrome, the second time Perth hosts. Seven teams compete, with NSW finishing champions. Admission to all grounds is 20 cents. Newspaper article from the West Australian and Jill Syson.

1977 Country Women's Soccer Forms

The Country Women’s Soccer Association forms May 4, 1977 with Bunbury Tricolore, Busselton, Collie and Dynamos as founding members. Matches were 25 minute halves.

anna senjuschenko

1978 Anna Senjuschenko Named in World 11

17-year-old Anna Senjuschenko is named in a World XI after some brilliant performances for Australia at the World Women’s Football Tournament in Taiwan. Senjuschenko is one of 7 West Australian's in the squad alongside Sandra Brentnall, Julie Clayton, Barbara Kozak, Sharon Loveless, Judy Pettitt and Teresa Varadi, selected from the 1977 Championships. Photo of Anna Senjuschenko courtesy Peter Dimopoulos.

1978 state team

1978 National Championships

A second National Women's Championships crown goes home with Western Australia, who defeat Queensland, Northern Territory, New South Wales and Victoria while drawing with Northern New South Wales. Pat O’Connor, captained both NSW in 1977 and WA in 1978 after moving West with husband Joe O’Connor in January of ‘78. Joe is recognised as a pioneer of women’s soccer and instrumental in setting up the AWSA and 1974 National Championships with Oscar Mate. Photo of 1978 State Team courtesy Pat O'Connor.

Anna Senjuschenko Memorial Shield

1979 Anna Senjuschenko Passes

The women’s football community is stunned by the death of Anna Senjuschenko following a traffic accident on her way home from the State Team fundraiser quiz night. The midfielder’s employer, Boans, donates the Anna Senjuschenko Memorial Shield to the Association in her honour, a trophy played as a Cup until 1993.

Bunbury Tricolore SWSA Cup Winners 1979

1979 Bunbury Tricolore Unbeaten

Bunbury Tricolore finish the season unbeaten for the second year in a row. The South West competition included Tricolore, Busselton, Dynamo’s, Collie and Bunbury City. Photo courtesy Brenda Bennett.

Ascot A Girls SC team 1970s. Courtesy Syd Smith

1979 Ascot Win The Division One Title

Ascot win the Division One title for a third year in a row, and for the fifth time in 7 years. Sharon Loveless back row on left, Jill Syson, Donna Pendreigh, Jude Pettitt, Alf Gorton (Coach), Denise Nicholaidis, Vicky Major, Martha McManus, Janice Halliwell and Janice Stott are all part of this amazingly talented team. Photo courtesy Syd Smith.

1979 Sandra Brentnall Scores First Australian Goal

Teenager Sandra Brentnall becomes Australia's first goalscorer in an 'A' international when, on Saturday 6 October, she bags the opener in a 2-2 draw with New Zealand in the Trans Tasman Cup clash in Sydney. Also in the 1979 Australian squad are West Australians Sharon Loveless (23), Judy Pettit (18) and Julie Clayton (22).

1979 WA State Team Mike Brentnall Coaching

1979 Mike Brentnall Coaches WA State Team

Mike Brentnall Coaches the State Team, assisted by Sharon Loveless (Mateljan). Donna (Pendreigh) Gorton was voted fairest and best for WA.

Mulan Taipai, Asian Cup, 1980 courtesy Sandra Szopski

1980 Western Australia Compete In Third Asian Cup

In January, Western Australia competes in the third Asian Ladies World Cup in India, Malaysia. The team finish fourth. The trip quickly turns into a nightmare with an 18-hour train trip, poor accommodation and the loss of payments which leave the squad close to $5000 in debt. "It is not an experience I would like to go through again," team manager Barbara Gibson tells the Sunday Times newspaper.

1980 Sandra Brentnall Scores Hat Trick

Sandra Brentnall creates further history on Saturday 24 May by scoring the first hat-trick for Australia at international level in a 3-2 win over New Zealand in Christchurch. West Australian team mates Sharon Loveless, Judy Pettitt and Donna Pendreigh (Gorton) form part of the Australian team that win the series.

1980 WRAAFAROOS Join the League

The Perth league grows into two leagues of 12 teams in each, including a team from the WRAAF base, called the WRAAFAROOS.

1980 Sheila Downham Becomes Life Member

Sheila Downham, one of the foundation members of women's soccer, accepts the first Life Membership of the Western Australian Women's Soccer Association.

Sandra Brentnall, State Dream Team, Football West

1983 Sandra Brentnall Player of the Year

Sandra Brentnall (pictured in the Football West State Dream Team) collects a fifth WAWSA Player of the Year award in 6 seasons. The Australian international will win the award for a sixth time in 1989, when she shares the trophy with Lisa Miles.

37-bunbury united 1981

1981 Bunbury United Compete in Busselton Carnival

Bunbury United play in the highly successful and long lived Busselton Carnival. Sisters such as Yvonne (bottom row second from left) and Lorraine (top row right of coach) Jones are playing alongside Brenda Bennett. Photo thanks to Brenda Bennett.

Alannah McTiernan UWA 1982

1982 UWA Team

Alannah MacTiernan (middle top row)enjoys football with her club University of Western Australia. From 1975 to 1994, MacTiernan was president, secretary, treasurer and patron at UWA and later goes on to become patron of the WAWSA.

1983 WA state team. Katrina Robinson goalkeeper. Courtesy Sandra Szopski

1983 Perth Hosts The National Championships

Despite Western Australia not having a junior girls' league, a state team stakes a place at the Under-15 Championship played in the Australian Capital Territory. Australian international Sharon Mateljan becomes the first WA player to feature in 10 National Women's Championships when the competition is held in Perth. 4 WA representatives are selected in the national squad: Sharon Mateljan, Janice Stott, Sandra Brentnall and Jude Pettitt. Pictured is the WA State Team. Photo courtesy Sandra Szopski.

Peter Dimopoulos State Dream Team Football West

1983 Peter Dimopoulos Becomes Life Member

Peter Dimopoulos is elected as the third Life Member of the WAWSA after spanning two decades of service to women's soccer in Western Australia.

1985 Barbara Gibson and Peter Dimopoulos Retire

Peter Dimopoulos and Barbara Gibson retire from the WAWSA Committee after serving the women's soccer community for over two decades.

40--12-june 1985 state team and 4 bunbury girls

1985 Four Bunbury Players In Under-15 State Team

Sandra Brentnall coaches an Under 15 State Team at the National Titles. A young Joanne Rooney and Debbie Eve (Farrell) are selected in the All Stars team. Farrell is one of 4 Bunbury girls selected in the squad (alongside Carol Prime, Lorraine Jones and Kellie Bennett). Bunbury had less than 50 players in the local competition. Photo of Bunbury girls and Junior State Team squad (prior to team selection) courtesy Brenda Bennett.

1985 WA State Team ack Kelley Neil. Wakefieldjpg

1985 Alf Gorton Coaches WA State Team

Alf Gorton coaches the WA women’s state team competing in Melbourne. WA finished 6 out of 9 states. Sharon Mateljan Captains with Jacinta Rosebury Vice Captain. Photo courtesy Kelley Wakefield (nee Neil).

1986 WA Fails To Send A State Team To Senior National Championships

No senior State team represents WA due to lack of player interest, whilst an under-17 team represents WA in Sydney with Sandra Brentnall coaching. Joanne Rooney is selected in the Australian squad to tour Dallas, USA. The system is 'user pay' and young Rooney is unable to raise the required funds.

IMG_6588 Sally MacPhesron, Sandra Taggart

1986 Sally McPherson President Of WAWSA

5 committee members run the WAWSA, Sally McPherson, Alan Hallett, Beryl Miles, Fred Davis and M Robinson. Photo (courtesy Penny Tanner) shows Sally in state team tracksuit on the left.

1986 WAWSA First Division fixtures

1986 Lou Ricci Carnival Is 11-Years-Old

The Lou Ricci preseason carnival continued in its 11th year and the Association fielded two open age divisions in the Perth competition.

1986 End of Season Gala at Richmond Raceway

The end of season WAWSA presentation gala was held at (the now defunct) Richmond Raceway, East Fremantle, opposite East Fremantle Football Club.

Sharon mateljan 2020 state dream team courtesy Football West

1987 Sharon Loveless (Mateljan) Retires

Western Australia send a state representative side to the National Championships in Alice Springs. It is the last time Sharon Mateljan will represent Western Australia. Of the 17 player squad, there are 6 Curtin and 6 Inglewood Kiev players. Sports Minister Graham Edwards recognises the Western Australian players whilst on tour and extends an open invitation to visit Parliament House on their return to Perth. Photo of Mateljan in the State Dream Team courtesy Football West.

1987 Registration Fees No Impediment to Playing

WAWSA registration fees were set at $10.

1987 Eric Thomas Ruffles Feathers

Referee and lifetime supporter of women's soccer, Eric Thomas ruffles a few feathers within the Western Australian Women's Soccer Association by sending off a player for being pregnant.

1987 Tina Harding Collects Fourth Golden Boot

Melville Alemannia's Tina Harding collects her fourth successive Golden Boot award in the top league. Tina is the sister of East Fremantle AFL star player Paul Harding.

Barbara Gibson Beryl Miles courtesy Jude Pettitt

1987 Beryl Miles Life Member

Beryl Miles is elected as the fourth Life Member of the WAWSA. Photo of Barbara Gibson and Beryl Miles (on right) in WA State Team tracksuits, courtesy Jude Pettitt.

World Football Programme courtesy Ron Moss

1987 World Football Radio

Martyn Wells introduces Penny Tanner as a guest on the Saturday Morning Soccer Show, starting a four decade-long record of Tanners relationship with Radio Fremantle. The show becomes the World Football Programme and the longest running live soccer radio show in Australia on community radio. Photo courtesy the late Ron Moss.

1987 School Girls Championships

The first National Schoolgirls Soccer Championships are held at Coker Park, Queens Park in September, Coached by Sue Hull. Liz Dielesen, Joanne Rooney and Fiona Wallace are selected in the National squad. WA places third in the tournament.

1988 Bicentennial courtesy Greg Burke West Australian Newspapers

1988 Australia Celebrate Bicentennial

A large crowd is on hand when Ashfield Dynamo take on Curtin University in a friendly at Fremantle Oval as part of a sports carnival commemorating Australia's Bicentennial. Gillian Walsh from Curtin University represents women’s soccer. Excerpt from Women's Soccer, No Longer A Gentleman's Game, Penny Tanner (1991)

1988 Ashfield Dynamo Sweep All

An undefeated Ashfield Dynamo, with Sandra Brentnall leading the way, sweep all before them by claiming the Division One and Top Four Cup trophies.

1988 Under 19 Championship

The Under 19 National championships are held at Bayswater Oval and Fiona Wallace is selected in the national squad from the WA team that are coached by Nigel Jones and Judy Pettitt.

1988 WA State Team courtesy Stephen Frater

1988 WA State Team Finish Seventh

The senior WA state team travelled to Newcastle, finishing 7/8 teams under Coach Graeme Millar. Sandra Brentnall is selected to play for Australia, (since retiring form State Team football in 1983), an offer she refused. Photo courtesy Stephen Frater.

1989 Peter Rickers Plans Football Specialist Programme

President of School Sports, Peter Rickers, plans a football specialist programme at John Curtin College. The first of it's kind in Western Australia.

Football Hall of Fame induction

1990 Enter Janette Spencer

Janette Spencer is elected President of the WAWSA. A role she fills on and off through to 2004, forming part of the project group overseeing the merger of all football codes into the Soccer Association of WA and Football West. Photo Football Hall of Fame- Janette Spencer third from left.

1991 Breakaway League

Conflict between the Western Australian Women's Soccer Association and club delegates leads to the formation of the West Coast Women's Soccer Federation, spearheaded by former WAWSA Presidents, Peter Dimopoulos and Barbara Gibson. The breakaway federation, which attracts 7 clubs, is short-lived and collapses the same year.

1993 Youth League courtesy West Australian newspaper

1991 Youth Programme

A Youth Programme is overseen by Penny Tanner and Tracey Wheeler at the Esplanade on Perth's foreshore and a fresh faced Tal Karp is introduced to the WAWSA. Karp at 10-years-old, eagerly attends promotional events to support girls being involved in soccer. Newspaper article reference: The West Australian.

Morley Windmills 1991

1991 Morley Windmills Crowned Super League Champions

Morley Windmills go the league season without loss to be crowned Super League champions (the name of the highest level of Perth competition). The club also finish as Top Four Cup and Anna Senjuschenko Memorial Shield winners. This Windmills team are recognised as the state's first female only club that transformed into Northern Redbacks, until the advent of Beckenham Angels in 2000. The Morley team boasted sisters Tracey (National goal keeper) and Jackie Wheeler, both playing on the park in defensive and midfield roles due to the presence of another great goalkeeper Kerry Harris who also represented WA in goals. Morley further boasted another set of sisters and Western Australian representatives Lynda and the late Shirley Gardiner.

Marilyn-Learmont-referee-1980s (1)

1991 Marilyn Learmont Nominated for WWC

Perth referee Marilyn Learmont is a first choice nomination for the 1991 WWC finals in China. Photo courtesy Marilyn Learmont.

1991 First Intake Into John Curtin Specialist Football Programme

The first girl is enrolled into the football programme for one year. The first girls to finish 5 years started in 1995 (Tanya Oxtoby, Genevieve Barth and Tegan Taylor). Oxtoby later becomes an Australian School girl international, Captain of the Western Waves and Perth Glory, followed with a stellar coaching career.

1992 WAWSA Secure Gibbney Reserve as Home Ground

The Western Australian Women's Soccer Association register a new trading name in preparation for the Championships in 1993 'Women's Soccer WA' or familiarly known as WSWA.


1992 Curtin v Windmills

Curtin University playing Morley Windmills at Wotton Reserve. Both teams have their fair share of state team players and were highly skilled fixtures to look forward to. In this photo is Selina Holtze (Curtin- green) and Michele Matthews (Windmills- orange). Photo courtesy Penny Tanner.

1992 Registrar Report WAWSA

1992 WAWSA Registrar Report

Registrars Report showing the 3 women's divisions showing Fairest and Best, Runners Up and Leading Goal scorers.

1993 Forest Place promotion

1993 Forrest Place Promotion

Soccer is promoted by the State Soccer Body at Forest Place Perth (later the site of the Perth Fan Festival for the WWC2023). Dorsogna Cup medalist and Perth SC footballer Alan Pottier and State Representative Penny Tanner are amongst the representatives from men’s and women’s soccer promoting football to the public. Photo courtesy Penny Tanner

Inglewood Kiev 1993

1993 Tal Karp Enters Women's Football in Western Australia

Tal Karp plays for Inglewood Kiev Women’s team at the young age of 12. Karp later plays for Perth Soccer Club before being snapped up by the inaugural High Performance Centre team (the pre-runner to the National Training Centre programme), Western Australia State Team, the National Women’s Soccer League and the Matildas. Photo of Inglewood Kiev courtesy Penny Tanner.

1993 World Uni Games WA Team

1993 World University Games

Penny Tanner is the only female Western Australian representative selected in the Australian University Team participating in the World Universities Games in Canada in 1993 with AWSA Board Member Heather Reid as Manager. Sara King, then living overseas and playing for Arsenal in goals, joined the Australian team in Canada for the tournament. King now resides in the the south west and referees the local game. Gilles Monty is the only male representative selected from Western Australia in the mens' Australian University Team that year.

1993 Youth League courtesy West Australian newspaper

1993 Youth League

Healthways became the major sponsor of the inaugural WSWA Youth League. Newspaper article: Tal Karp and Rachel Mander, courtesy The West Australian 1993

1993 Women's Soccer Western Australia logo

1993 WAWSA Adopt New Business Name

Western Australian Women's Soccer Western Australia adopt a new name ready for branding the 1993 National Championships, to be held at Gibbney Reserve, the home of womens soccer.

1993 Under 16 Championship book

1993 Youth State Team in Perth

An under-16 State Youth State Team competes in the National Championships in Perth at Gibbney Reserve Maylands in July. A young Tal Karp, Lisa Beatty, Leanne Hill, Candice McMinn and Novella Avezzu are in the team.

1993 West Australian Di Reeves

1993 Perth Host National Championships

Gibbney Reserve becomes the hub for all things women's soccer and hosts the Open National Women’s Soccer Championships for the first time, opened by State Premier Carmen Lawrence and attended by WSWA Patron, Alannah MacTiernan. During that week women’s football is announced as a full medal sport for the 1996 Los Angeles Olympics and Sydney is announced as the host of the 2000 Olympics. Newspaper clipping by Mel Moffat The West Australian- Diana Reeves and Rachel Mander in WA State Team.


1994 Lizzy Claydon is Selected to Play for Australia

Attacker Lizzy Claydon and goalkeeper Tracey Wheeler are selected in the first Australian women's squad to tour Europe. WSWA Committee Treasurer, Kerry Harris, leads the European Tour as Head of Delegation. Black and white photo at Gibbney Reserve. Lizzy on left and Tracey Wheeler on right, Photo courtesy Penny Tanner.

1994 WSWA Committee

The WSWA Committee are Janette Spencer (President), Kerry Harris, Lina Merlacco, Rob Gibbons, Penny Tanner, Linda Power, Candice Outten.

IMG_6582 Forrestfield circa 1994 from Lynda Gardiner

1994 Shirley Gardiner

Shirley Gardiner coaches a Forrestfield girls team after retiring from State Team football. 'Shirl' as she was familiarly and affectionately known, was one of two footballing sisters who represented WA (sister, Lynda Gardiner). A young Nadia Poulsen is playing in the team before moving on to State team football and Queens Park SC in her later years as pne of the most promising states footballers. Shirl passed away in February, 2018.

1994 Coach Qualification Awarded to Jude Pettitt

Jude Pettitt is awarded a Coaching Qualification by coaching legend Ron Tindall through the Department of Sport. Pettitt is one of the first females in WA to become qualified in coaching. This is the start of the coaching journey for Pettitt.


1995 Marilyn Learmont Retires From Refereeing

Referee, Marilyn Learmont retires after being involved in the Dorsogna Men’s Cup Final in Perth. Photo courtesy Marilyn Learmont.

On The Ball 1994

1995 Australia Rebranded As 'Matildas'

The Australian Team play their first match in 1995 as the Matildas, after SBS initially ran a competition for a new name in 1994. Amongst the suggestions are Soccertoos, Blue Flyers, Waratahs, Matildas and Lorikeets. Former WSWA Treasurer, Kerry Harris, as an Australian Women's Soccer Director, is involved in this historic rebranding decision.

1995 Frank Longstaff Appointed as Head Coach of ITC

WSWA appoints Frank Longstaff as Head Coach of the WSWA Intensive Training Centre (ITC) programme. Frank is the Senior State Team Coach for the second year running.

Perth Italia circa 1994

1995 Mirelle Van Rijbroek

Playing for Perth Soccer Cub is tall Dutch midfielder, Mirelle Van Rijbroek, who later joins the USNWT programme as part of the United States talent identification pathway. The USA are 4-time WWC winners. Mirelle is bottom row right hand side kneeling. Mirelle remembers playing as defender for one game at Perth and giving the coach, Dominic Italiano, a heart attack, by playing out of the back, subsequently she was put back in the midfield at half time.

1995 Under 19 WA Team List

1995 Under 19 State Team

Ian Cameron Coaches the Western Australian Under 19 State Team with Lina Merlacco as Manager. Lisa Tana Captains the side that contains Jessine Bonzas, Candice McMinn, Lisa Ward and Tal Karp.

1995 Cheryl Salisbury Training With Stirling Macedonia

Tracey Wheeler and Lizzy Claydon form part of the Matilda's squad for the second Women's World Cup in Sweden in July, along with Australian central defender, Cheryl Salisbury, who is living and training locally with Stirling Macedonia men’s side to improve her fitness in preparation for the move to Japanese Professional Club Panasonic Bambina. Whilst playing for Gosnells City SC, Denise Lofthouse is selected to play for Australia against New Zealand in her one and only international cap. This is after a long absence from the game. In 1984 Lofthouse was selected to play for Australia but finances prevented her from touring with the team.

1996 flier state team trials

1996 WSWA Employ an Executive Officer

Women’s Soccer WA appoint Kerry Harris as their Executive Officer, their first paid employee. WSWA offices reside at Perry Lakes Stadium along with WAASSA, PSF and the JSA.

1974-Oscar-Mate courtesy FHOF

1996 Players Inducted to the Football Hall of Fame

Barbara Gibson, Peter Dimopoulos, Oscar Mate, Anna Senjuschenko, Sharon Loveless (Mateljan), Sandra Brentnall and Teresa White (Varadi) are inducted into the Football Hall of Fame Western Australia. Photo featured of Oscar Mate.

1996 Tal Karp Steps Onto National Stage

Local teenager, Tal Karp, steps on to the national league stage, joining Canberra Eclipse. The midfielder will go on to play 27 games for Australia, a tally which includes a trio of outings at the 2003 World Cup.

1996 WA State team courtesy Jill Walsh

1996 WA State Team Coached by John Ward

A Western Australian State Team is coached by state soccer Director of Coaching John Ward. Players include Luch Colangelo, Linda Kelly, Michele Matthews, Jill Walsh, Tal Karp. Photo courtesy Jill Walsh.

1997 WAWSA yearbook courtesy Peter Dimopoulos

1997 Sandra Brentnall is Recognised on Yearbook

National player and local WA legend, Sandra Brentnall, is recognised on the WAWSA year book. Sandra is playing for Gosnells City FC in this year. The Committee of the WSWA are made up of Penny Tanner (President), Lindsay Hemy (Registrar), Nino Sardi (Secretary), Di Reeves (Treasurer), Candy Outten, Zane Abrahams, Sylvia Pitcher and Eileen Hadida. Meetings are convened at the Women’s Home of Football at Gibbney Reserve, Maylands. The development pathway in Perth included the Girls Soccer Academy and Under-16 State Team (Coached by Rob Gibbons), Senior Women’s State Team, Coached by Richard McGinn, all programmes overseen by WSWA Head Coach and Under-19 Coach, John Ward (State Director of Coaching).

1997 Bunbury Power

Bunbury Power join the Perth competitions First Division under the wing of Bunbury stalwart Coach Dave Maskell and boast a healthy lineup of State Team representatives such as Linda Kelly, Lorraine Connop (Jones) and Elaine Anderson.

WSWA Role Model Selina Holtze 1997 courtesy Penny Tanner

1997 Selina Holtze Role Model

Aboriginal State Team and Perth SC player, Selina Holtze works with the WSWA as a Role Model promoting girls playing soccer.

1997 George Crow memorial shield flier

1997 George Crow Memorial Shield

The passing of George Crowe is recognised with a Memorial Shield at Gibbney Reserve Maylands. Crowe was instrumental in the early years fostering girls in soccer at the Inglewood club.

1998 Eric Thomas Receives Life Membership to WSWA

Referee Eric Thomas receives Life Membership of WSWA for his services to refereeing women’s soccer in WA. He was one of the few referees to support the growing cause of women's soccer in the early years. Eric also receives induction into the Football Hall of Fame WA in 2008. He was on the referee lineup for the WA v Moscow Dynamo men’s fixture in 1971, which followed the Vel-Belles v Beauts women in the friendly at Subiaco Oval.

1998 Quit Girls Soccer Academy

The Quit WSWA Girls Soccer Academy kicks off, with Rob Gibbons coaching 16 players selected for an intensive development programme at Gibbney Reserve, Maylands, running Saturday mornings.

1998 WSWA Committee

The Committee is made up of President George Papaliaris, Dave Dennison, Penny Tanner, Nino Sardi, Zane Abrahams, Dani Hyland, Viv Bailey, Sam Gibbs and Marita Ratcliff. Head Coach overseeing development programmes, HPC and Senior State Team is John Ward. The State Team Coach appointed is Graham Normanton.

1998 Four Divisions Compete in the WSWA Leagues

The Gibbney Shield kicks off the preseason with Sorrento taking honours. Bunbury Power join the women's premier league. Graham Normanton is appointed Senior State Team Coach. Plans were building to demolish Gibbney and build a new womens HQ.

Busselton soccer carnival 1998

1998 Busselton Carnival

The Busselton Carnival provides the usual social highlight for men's and women's teams post season, attracting teams from all around Western Australia. Photo shows Busselton ladies at the carnival in 1998 courtesy Penny Tanner.

Kuala Lumpur 1999 medal

1999 Final Open Age National Championship

WA competes in the last Open Women’s National Championship in Kuala Lumpur. The AWSA recognise all players with medallions. With the advent of the National Soccer League in 1996, the prominence of the Championships reduces as a platform for talent identification and elite competition. Medal photo courtesy Penny Tanner

Junior Championships Perth 1999

1999 McCallum and De Vanna Represent WA

Collette McCallum (Gardiner) and Lisa De Vanna represent WA for the first time as teenagers in the WA State Junior Team participating in the National Under 16s Soccer Championships in July at Gibbney Reserve and gain selection in the National squad. The WA Coaching Team are Michael Gunning and Nino Sardi. Photo of WA State Junior Team courtesy Penny Tanner


1999 Tanya Oxtoby and De Vanna Selected for Australian High School Squad

Oxtoby and De Vanna are two of six WA students selected in an Under 19 Australian School squad to tour the United Kingdom, whilst attending the the Soccer Excellence Programme at John Curtin College of the Arts, along with Mia Walker, Lizzie Scott, Lindsay Jobling and Sarah Gawned. The WA team travelling to the National Championships in Canberra, placed second, coached by Wayne Basedon. Oxtoby (alongside De Vanna) later becomes the first Captain of the Western Waves and Perth Glory. She is one of only a few players of Indigenous descent to play in the W-League pre 2008, and the first indigenous player to captain her side. Lisa De Vanna makes a statement being the longest serving state representative and dual National representative over 4 years. Photo thanks to Perth Glory. Information thank to Peter Rickers, School Sports.

2000 Tracey Wheeler Retires From National team

Tracey Wheeler makes her 49th and final appearance for the Matildas, against Brazil at the Sydney Olympic Games. Amongst the highlights of Wheeler’s career are games at the 1995 and 1999 Women's World Cups.

shannon may beckenham angels 2012

2000 Beckenham Angels Soccer Club Form

Beckenham Angels form as the first south of the river girls and women’s only soccer club featuring star players including Jess Lindquist, Jamie-Lee Gale, Shannon May, Katarina Jukic (Perth Glory), Ella Mastantonio and Melbourne City W League Premiership player Marianna Tabain. First team coaches included Jason Washington King and Greg Farrell. Tracey Wheeler joins Beckenham as Goal Keeper Coach. The club ends its highly successful venture in 2018.

2000 Night Series

The Night Series runs from February through March and concludes with finals between Floreat Athena and Sorrento (Grop A) and Balga and Claremont-Nedlands (Group B). A total of 8 teams are in each group.

Australian sports medal 2000 courtesy Penny Tanner

2001 Australian Sports Medals Awarded

10 West Australians are acknowledged for their contribution to Sports in Australia in March 2001 and presented with an Australian Sports Medal 2000 from the Queen and Australian Government: Barbara Gibson, Janette Spencer, Penny Tanner (Hoath), Jude Pettit, Julie Clayton (Gorton), Sandra Brentnall, Barbara Kozak (Nicholsen), Teresa Varadi (Kozak), Tracey Wheeler, Sharon Mateljan (Loveless). Western Australian Kerry Harris is awarded a medal in Melbourne.

2002 Tal Karp Makes Matildas Debut

'Karp was first selected to play for the Matildas in 2002 at age 20 for the Matildas' tour to Canada and the US, becoming the first Western Australian field player to play for the Australian team since 1996.' Referenced from Wikipedia.

2003 WA Team pre Western Waves

2003 Alistair Edwards Leads WA Tour

Alistair Edwards (Socceroo) leads a Western Australian team on an interstate tour to explore the competition as a precursor for the Western Waves. Players such as Stacey Woodfin (Learmont), Luciana Colangelo (Di Ienno) and Tanya Oxtoby all represent WA and form the basis of the Western Waves in 2004, a representative state team in the National Soccer League. Oxtoby goes on to gain coaching qualifications and land jobs at Birmingham, Bristol City, Scotland and Chelsea FC in the United Kingdom. Stacey Woodfin - now Learmont - (daughter of former State Team player Lynda Lewis-Woodfin who played WA State team in the late 1970s as a Defender) is one of 5 children to Lynda and Steve Woodfin, all of whom played football. Stacey and her 4 siblings are the third generation of the Woodfin family after the late Dave and Beryl Woodfin, who managed the highly successful women’s teams at Queens Park SC until 2019. Stacey scored the winning goal for the Waves first home game at Perth Oval. Photo of WA State Team 2003 courtesy Penny Tanner.

2003 WAWSA Board

The WAWSA Board for 2003 is Janette Spencer (President), Jane King (Vice President), Lea Stinton (Secretary), Halina Laurence (Treasurer), Mimma Sardi (Registrar). Alistair Edwards is High Performance and Senior State Team Coach, Jude Pettitt is 18s State Team Coach and Salv Todaro is 16s State Team Coach. Northern Redbacks with the Women's Premier League. Exerpts from the 2003 WAWSA Annual Report.

2003 Hayley Crawford Debuts for the Matildas

Hayley Crawford, playing for Northern Redbacks, makes her debut for the Matildas against Cook Islands. Hayley formed part of the Western Waves in 2004.

2003 Western Waves Steering Committee

Part of the Steering Committee set up to establish the Western Waves includes Janette Spencer, Jessine Bonzas, Hannah Fitzhardinge (Mayor of Fremantle 2023) Lisa Tana, Penny Tanner and Jamie Harnwell (CEO of Football West 2023).

Western Waves Team Programme2004

2004 Western Australia Enters The National League

Western Waves become the first Western Australian women's team to compete in the national league. The Waves, captained by Tanya Oxtoby and coached by former Socceroo, Alistair Edwards, play only 6 of the 11 league games due to financial reasons. Oxtoby later moves into coaching after retiring as a player. The Waves include national players Tal Karp, Collette McCallum and Lisa De Vanna. Nine of the Waves originate from Western Australia's single female only club, Northern Redbacks (Luciana Colangelo - Di Ennio, De Vanna, McCallum - Gardiner, Conway, Ashley Bennett, Oxtoby, Williams, Grant and Crawford). Former Matilda, Tracey Wheeler is goal keeper coach.

Tal Karp, Matildas, Leor Karp

2004 Tal Karp Plays in Olympics

At 22 years of age, Tal Karp is selected to play for Australia in the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Brenda Bennett inducted SW HOF

2004 Brenda Bennett Inducted

Brenda Bennett from Bunbury Tricolore in the CWSA, is recognised in the South West Soccer Hall of Fame for her services to soccer. Photo thanks to Brenda.

2004 Janette Spencer Sees WSWA Merge into SAWA

Janette Spencer concludes her term as President of WSWA and as one of the longest serving Presidents of women’s soccer in WA and being a part of a Committee leaving a terrific legacy for the Women’s Soccer Association as the healthiest and financial parts of soccer in WA ready for the merger, with enough surplus funds to dedicate to a Development Trust for girls in football through the merger into Soccer Administration of WA.

Tracey Wheeler Football Hall of Fame Western Australia Top 100 2004

2004 Football Hall of Fame WA Gala

The Football Hall of Fame Western Australia recognises the top 100 players between 1902 and 2002. Tracey Wheeler, Sandra Brentnall, Sharon Loveless (Mateljan) and Anna Senjuschenko are acknowledged in the 100.


2005 Football West Kicks Off

Soccer Administration of WA renames to Football West unifying all soccer codes in WA for the first time. All facets of the code - mens, womens, juniors, semi-professional, amateur, referees, etc - now come under the one umbrella. A Football West Women’s Standing Committee is introduced and Chairperson Penny Tanner inaugurates and leads the Committee for the next 10 years. Football West Logo thanks to Football West!

Lydia Williams (Thewomensgame)

2005 Lydia Williams Gains First Cap for Australia

Katanning-born goalkeeper Lydia Williams, gains her first appearance for the senior national women’s team in a friendly loss to South Korea.

2005 McCallum Earns First Senior Cap

Midfielder Collette McCallum is just 19 years of age when she makes her senior Australian debut as a substitute appearance against China.

2005 Marilyn Learmont Inducted

Marilyn Learmont is recognised in the Hall of Recognition by the Football Hall of Fame Western Australia for refereeing.

WomenSoccer.Com.Au logo copyright Penny Tanner

2005 Women's Soccer WA Website Goes Live

WomenSoccer.Com.Au goes live as an Australian first, covering news and history for Western Australian women's football.

2006 Lisa De Vanna Signs for Doncaster Rovers

Lisa De Vanna signs for English semi-professional club Doncaster Rovers in 2006-7.

2006 Football West Leagues Expand

Over 1,100 players and some 70 teams participate in the Football West women’s league season.

South West Soccer by Ron Moss 2006

2006 Ron Moss Writes South West Soccer Book

South West Hall of Famer and Life Member of the South West Soccer Association, Ron Moss, publishes a book on the history of soccer in the area.

2007 Lisa De Vanna Recognised on World Stage

Fremantle player, Lisa De Vanna, is named in the FIFA WWC All Star team, named as a nominee in the World Player of the Year Award and wins Western Australian Sports Woman of the Year.

Football West Tanya Oxtoby and Nicola Williams 2020

2008 Nicola Williams Coaches Perth Glory

Coached by Nicola Williams and captained by Tanya Oxtoby, Perth Glory mark their W-League entry with a 4-0 home loss to Sydney FC at Perth Oval.

Ann Odong WFP 2011

2008 Ann Odong thewomensgame.com

Ann Odong, a co-host on Radio Fremantle’s the World Football Programme, starts her Australian women’s football website, thewomensgame.com. Testament to Odong's hard work, the website goes commercial in 2018, capturing all of women's sport in Australia. Photo of Odong in the World Football studio, courtesy Penny Tanner.

Tracey-Wheeler, Football Hall of Fame WA

2008 Tracey Wheeler Inducted into Football Hall of Fame WA

Tracey Wheeler is recognised by the Football Hall of Fame Western Australia for her playing career. Photo courtesy Football Hall of Fame WA.

2009 Lisa De Vanna Lands Contract in USA

Lisa De Vanna becomes the first West Australian to play professional football in the United States, landing a contract with Washington Freedom in the Women’s National Soccer League.

2010 Australia Win Asian Cup

Australia win the Asian Cup with local trio Lisa De Vanna, Collette McCallum and Samantha Kerr all playing their part in the teams' success.

2011 Four Female Referees Officiate Night Series

The record books are re-written when four female referees - Emma Farrell, Jodie Pace, Diana Reeves and Sandra Hill-Williamson - officiate the Football West Women's Night Series final.

Ann Odong The World Football Programme, farewell 2011

2011 Ann Odong Retires from World Football Programme

An ambitious Ann Odong moves on from community radio to the eastern seaboard to further her career. Gathering momentum as a sports journalist, Odong works her way upwards in the media department of Football Australia and into the Matildas space during the WWC2023 in Australia. Featured image courtesy Penny Tanner, Programme Coordinator.

Northern Redbacks officially open Celebration Park 2016 courtesy Redbacks website

2012 Northern Redbacks Receive Government Grant

Northern Redbacks win their fifth successive Women's Cup Final by defeating the only other WA female only club, Beckenham Angels and receive $500,000 from the government to upgrade their girls only facilities at Celebration Park, where they moved to in 2011 from the Vasto Club. Photo courtesy Redbacks website https://www.northernredbacks.com.au/

2012 Players Inducted to Hall of Fame

Judy Pettitt, Luciana Colangelo (Di Ienno) and Julie Gorton are recognised by the Football Hall of Fame Western Australia in the Hall of Champions. Sandra Brentnall is the first female elevated to the Hall of Legends, along with WA goalkeeping great, Robbie Zabica. Photo Julie Gorton (Clayton) courtesy Peter Dimopoulos.

Football West Life Members 2012

2012 Penny Tanner Receives Life Membership

Penny Tanner is awarded Life Membership of Football West, along with (from left in photo) John O'Connell, Bob Brown and Steve Muldoon. Photo courtesy Football West and Football Hall of Fame WA.

Richard Kreider at HBF Park stadium courtesy FHOFWA

2012 Richard Kreider Publishes Paddocks To Pitches

Respected football historian Richard Kreider publishes his 800-page book ‘Paddocks to Pitches: the definitive history of Western Australia football’. Courtesy Football Hall of Fame WA website. The book includes coverage of women's football in Western Australia.

2012 Beckenham Angels Win League

Angels win the Women's Premier League over East Fremantle SC.

2013 Perth Glory Qualify for First W League Final

Perth Glory qualify for their first W-League finals series after finishing the regular season in second spot behind Brisbane Roar.

2013 Frank Longstaff Passes

The football community lost a true gentleman of the game in Frank Longstaff, after a short battle with illness. Born in Newcastle, Frank had a profound influence on a large part of the football community with his sense of humour and up-front approach.

Football West State Dream Team 2020 Stacey Woodfin

2013 Stacey Woodfin Named Player of the Year

Queens Park attacker Stacey Woodfin is named Player of the Year for the fifth time in the local competition, winning the award in 2004, 2005, 2008 and 2011. Her club wins the Night Series. Woodfin is the daughter of State Team defender Linda Lewis (1975-77) and one of 5 children, all of whom played football. Photo shows Woodfin in the Football West State Dream Team.


2014 Perth Glory Top The W-League

Records tumble as Perth Glory top the 2013/14 W-League. The team achieves a new record of points gained in a single season (30) while Kate Gill's 5-goal haul vs Western Sydney Wanderers is the most scored by a single player in a W-League game. Unfortunately, Glory lose the Grand Final 3-1 to Canberra United. Photo courtesy Perth Glory.

2014 Night Series champions beckenham angels

2014 Beckenham Expand Number of Girls Teams

In 2014 Beckenham Angels win the Night Series and Premier League. The club fields 5 teams, State Premier League, State Premier League Reserves, Metropolitan Division 1, Girls Under-15 Division 2 and Girls Under-13 Division 2. Three junior players -Annabelle Leek and Thalia Organ from the 15s and Jade Inkster from the 13s are selected to participate in the National Training Centre programme and 3 other juniors represent WA at Futsal, with Megan Grove being awarded the Best Player on Tour Medal for the AFA Australian Girls 14s UK Tour. Junior Coaches Andrea Preiato, Lindsey Kenyon and Jess Lindquist are all members of the Angels Premier team. Excerpt from the Beckenham Angels website.

Kate Gill, courtesy Code Sports

2014 Katie Gill Ends Matildas Career

Left out of the Matildas squad, top Perth Glory and Matildas striker, Katie Gill ends an impressive career, having scored 41 goals for Australia and starts an equally impressive journey into advocacy for women's football. This, amid the controversy of better pay and rights for national women's footballers.

Collette Gardiner nee McCallum State Dream Team courtesy Football West

2015 Collette McCallum Retires From International Duty

Collette Gardiner (nee McCallum) makes the last of her 81 appearances for Australia's women's national team. The midfielder appeared at 2 Women's World Cups and three Women's Asian Cup tournaments. Gardiner was selected as one of the state's best players by the football public in 2020. Image thanks to Football West.

2015 De Vanna Captains 100th Game

Lisa De Vanna Captains the Matildas in her 100th game for Australia, against the United States of America, at the Women’s World Cup in Spain.

Night Series results 2015

2015 Night Series Played Out Between Female Only Clubs

Beckenham Angels lose 4-1 to Northern Redbacks in the preseason Football West Night Series after Angels won the Series in 2014.

Sam Kerr, Perth Glory 2016

2016 Sam Kerr Wins Julie Dolan Award

Sam Kerr wins the Julie Dolan Award as the W-League's best player. Twelve months later the livewire striker shares the award with Clare Polkinghorne (Brisbane Roar).

Queens Park Night Series Winners 2016

2016 Queens Park SC Win Night Series

Queens Park SC take out the preseason Night Series, Photo courtesy Football West.

2016 Football Hall of Fame WA Induction

Michele Matthews, Janette Spencer and Helen Lumley (Nestoridis) are recognised by the Football Hall of Fame Western Australia for their services to WA women’s soccer.

2016 Lisa De Vanna in Second Olympics

Lisa De Vanna competes in her second Olympics Tournament for Australia.

2017 Sam Kerr Scores Hat Trick For Perth Glory

Perth Glory completes the 2016/17 W-League regular season on level points with Canberra United, whose superior goal difference gives them the championship. They are also edged out in the Grand Final by Melbourne City, who win 2-0. Sam Kerr puts away the fastest hat-trick in W-League history by scoring 3 times in 7 minutes against Newcastle Jets in December and wins the inaugural Penny Tanner Media Award for Most Valuable Player for the League (an award inaugurated by Western Australian and The Women's Game Author Ann Odong, Australia's first Women's Soccer website. Odong is now the Media Liaison Officer for the Matildas with Football Australia). Kerr becomes the Young Australian of the Year.

Canning City's Frank Longstaff Trophy 2023

2017 Frank Longstaff Trophy

WA women's state team coach, Frank Longstaff (who passed in 2013) is honoured with the Frank Longstaff Trophy, an annual bi-club competition between Gosnells and Canning City, two clubs he coached to (mens) league success. Photo from Canning City SC archive.

2017 W-League is 10 years Old

The 2017-18 season is the 10th for Australia's women's national W-League.

Tash Rigby Queens Park and Perth Glory 2017

2017 Tash Rigby Wins Perth Glory Award

Tash Rigby of Queens Park SC, takes out the Coaches Award for Perth Glory. Image courtesy Perth Glory.

PennyTanner MVP Media Award 2017

2017 Sam Kerr Wins Penny Tanner Media Award

The Penny Tanner Media MVP Award is awarded to the Most Valuable Player in the W-League as voted on by the media members. Sam Kerr wins the award in its inaugural year. Reference: thewomensgame.com

2017 state league goal scorers

2017 Women's State League Top Goal Scorer Snapshot

Kat Jukic of Queens Park, sits atop the goal scoring table in May. Jukic goes on to win Fairest and Best and top goal scorer for the league. Table from Football West.

Perth Glory website, Sam Kerr

2018 Sam Kerr Wins Golden Boot

The East Fremantle local has enjoyed another stellar campaign in the United States with her 16 goals leading Chicago Red Stars in the UNWSL to a Semi-Finals berth and earning her an historic second consecutive Golden Boot. Kerr becomes the first ever player in the league to accomplish back-to-back Golden Boots, with her 16 strikes and four assists in 19 games rubber-stamping her position as one of the competition’s all-time superstars. The Matildas’ striker currently holds the record for the most goals in the NWSL’s history with 51, while also holding the records for most goals in a league match with 4 and most ever in a season with 17, which she achieved last year. Excerpt from Perth Glory website.

2019 Third Grand Final Loss for Perth Glory

It's a third Grand Final loss for Perth Glory when they go down 4-2 to Sydney FC.

2019 Queens Park End of an Era

Queens Park end a highly successful era of women’s football, merging with Murdoch University FC to enter the inaugural National Premier League Women in 2020.

Lisa De Vanna fiorentina-womens-de-vanna

2019 Lisa De Vanna competes in her fourth WWC

Lisa De Vanna competes in her fourth successive Women's World Cup (WWC) finishing her international career with 150 appearances and 47 international goals, making her the second highest goal scorer in Australian history. De Vanna is playing with Italian club Fiorentina, the first fully professional club in Italy. Photo courtesy Fiorentina.

2019 Sam Kerr Captains Matildas

Sam Kerr Captains the Matilda’s for the first time and becomes the first Australian to score a hat-trick in a Women's World Cup.

Football West state cup final 2019

2019 Northern Redbacks Defeat Balcatta in State Cup Final

Coached by Conrad McKelvie, Redbacks win 2-1. Team lineups by Football West.

gold medal joint winners 2019

2019 Gold Medal in Three Way Tie

Gemma Craine, Laura Waltman and Shawn Billam win the Gold Medal on 16 points each. The first time the Medal has been split three ways.

2020 Covid Lockdown Disrupts Season

Western Australia closes its borders amidst the Covid pandemic.


2020 NPL Kicks Off In WA

The inaugural WA Women’s National Premier League kicks off with 8 founding clubs - Murdoch University Melville FC, Perth SC, Balcatta Etna FC, Curtin University, Subiaco AFC, National Training Centre (NTC), Northern Redbacks and Fremantle City FC. Katarina Jukic scores her fourth Golden Boot award after spearheading the attack for inaugural National Premier League Women’s champions, Murdoch University Melville FC. Jukic also finished top of the scorer's charts in 2015, 2017 and 2018. Photo NPLW Team Captains courtesy Football West (Northern Redbacks, Balcatta, MUMFC, Subiaco, Perth SC, Curtin, NTC and Fremantle (left to right)

WWC Football West

2020 World Cup Beckons

Australia and New Zealand win the right to host the 2023 Women's World Cup. Photo courtesy Football West.

2020 Lydia Williams Collects Goal Keeper Award

Melbourne City's Katanning-born Lydia Williams collects her fourth W-League Goalkeeper of the Year award. The veteran is outright winner in 2011, 2012 and 2017.

Social media Ronaldo endorses Sam Kerrs move to Chelsea

2020 Sam Kerr Signs With Chelsea

Sam Kerr, Ballon d'Or nominee, becomes the first Australian to sign a fully professional contract with English professional football club Chelsea FC to play in the Women’s Super League.

Natasha Rigby Football West Perth Glory 2020

2020 Natasha Rigby Selected for Australian Camp

Matilda's Assistant Coach Melissa Andreatta names a 23-player domestic-based squad for a National camp, held in Canberra 22 – 26 November 2020. Rigby is one of 2 West Australians, including goal keeper Miranda Templeman to attend. Photo courtesy Football West.

2020 Kat Jukic Scores a Rabona for MUMFC

In October, Jukic gains attention for a goal scored while playing for Murdoch University Melville FC against Fremantle City FC. Jukic performed a rabona to score a goal from outside of the penalty area.

Tia Stonehill 2021 MUMFC

2021 MUMFC Do The Double

Murdoch University Melville FC (MUMFC) finish the season with a second NPLW title. This is Northern Redbacks final year in the women's competition before merging with ECU Joondalup. Tia Stonehill (photo thanks to Tia Stonehill) takes out the leagues Gold Medal, jointly with Larissa Walsh of Northern Redbacks, tallying 16 goals in the NPLW.


2021 Sam Kerr Recognised With FIFA Nomination

Samantha Kerr places third in the prestigious Ballon d’Or Feminin award, which recognises the world's best female footballer. It comes just 2 months after she makes her 100th appearance for Australia. Image courtesy Chelsea FC.

Redbacks and RedStar 2022

2022 Perth RedStar Enter the NPLW

Northern Redbacks merge with ECU Joondalup to become NPL club Perth RedStar and leave WA without any senior female-only clubs. The club hosted 8 female teams and over 120 female players ranging in age from 10 years to 30+ at Celebration Park (referenced from Northern Redbacks website). Perth RedStar completes the local season without loss, collecting the Night Series, National Premier Leagues, State Cup and Top Four Cup titles along the way. RedStar’s Larissa Walsh takes out the Golden Boot before leaving for Victorian NPL club Calder United.

Tia-Stonehill-1 football west 2021

2022 Tia Stonehill Suffers Serious Injury

'In early 2022, Tia Stonehill, top goal scorer for MUMFC suffered a serious injury during the pre-season Night Series competition, which would rule her out of the entire season. Stonehill fractured her L1 and L2 transverse processes [sic] which are bones on the spine that connect the muscles to the back. She was lucky to avoid surgery or a brace, but was required to rest for 8 [sic] weeks with no movement until fracture fully healed. After that, it took around six months for her to get to a comfortable level where the pain started to subside, and she was able to start work in the gym and build up strength with no aggravation.' Footballwest.com.au

2022 Sam Kerr Nominated for FIFA Award

For the second time, Samantha Kerr claims third in the Ballon d’Or Feminin. The Matilda is one of only 4 players to be nominated each year since the women’s award was inaugurated in 2018. With the Chelsea forward's second goal in this year's third round of the Asian Cup in India and an 18-0 demolition of Indonesia, took Ker's goal tally to 51, exceeding Socceroo Tim Cahill's record of 50 and making Kerr Australia's highest goal scorer of all-time.

Tanya Oxtoby State Dream Team 2020 Football West

2023 Tanya Oxtoby Plays a Part in Chelsea Winning WSL Title

Sam Kerr and Tanya Oxtoby play their part in the English Super League with Chelsea’s League Title win. Oxtoby coaching the Chelsea team alongside English coach Emma Haye. Oxtoby knows her stuff, having played for Perth Glory and Western Australia and landing in the State Dream Team in 2020 by public poll. Sam Kerr is Australia's highest goal scorer. State Dream Team photo courtesy Football West.

Kim Carroll Perth Glory courtesy Perth Glory

2023 Kim Carroll Retires

Australian international Kim Carroll bows out of the W-League after 156 appearances, finishing with Perth Glory, and the third highest games tally in the competition's 15 season history. Photo thanks to Perth Glory.

Miranda T November 9 2020 FBW

2023 Board and Templeman Sign for South Melbourne

Former Junior Matilda’s goal keepers Zara Board and Miranda Templeman both sign for South Melbourne SC in the Victorian NPLW. Photo Miranda Templeman receiving her Goal Keeper of the Year Award in 2020 when she was joint winner with Balcatta's Gabby Dal Busco. Photo courtesy Football West.

2023_03_26 Balcatta Etna FC v Curtin University FC (1636)

2023 Stonehill Back in Business

Tia Stonehill is back playing at her best after a horrendous injury that kept her out of the game for 12 months, signing with Balcatta Etna. Photo courtesy Fotoenzo.

Selina Holtze and FIFAs Fatma Samoura

2023 Selina Holtze Part of Cultural Advisory Panel

Selina (Wally) Holtze, former Western Australian indigenous State Team player, plays her part on the committee advising FIFA of the indigenous cultures in Australia and New Zealand to enable the flying of the indigenous flags at the FIFA WWC2023. Holtze is pictured with Samoura (Holtze pictured on the left). Photo courtesy Holtze.

Football Hall of Fame Museum Launch 2023

2023 Football Hall of Fame Western Australia Museum Launches

The Football Hall of Fame Western Australia open their Museum at the WA Italian Club in Perth. Pictured is Penny Tanner in front of one of the display cabinets of memorabilia showing some of the items donated by Katina Dimopoulos.

WA State Library Game Changers 2023

2023 WA State Library Game Changers Exhibition

The Western Australian State Library celebrates women in WA football and the Women's World Cup in Perth with a display recognising pioneers and heroes in our football landscape.

2023 Football West state football centre opens

2023 State Football Centre Opens and WWC Lands

Western Australia opens the long awaited State Home of Football in Queens Park (photo courtesy Football West). The FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 lands in Perth as part of a joint bid by Australia and New Zealand. Dorrien Gardens, Kingsway, Sorrento and the State Centre host FIFA Women's World Cup Teams and Perth Oval becomes Perth's match site. Sam Kerr and Lydia Williams are selected in an Australian squad to play for Australia in the WWC. Perth WWC matches: Denmark v People's Republic of China - Saturday 22 July, 20:00. Canada v Republic of Ireland - Wednesday 26 July, 20:00. Panama v Jamaica - Saturday 29 July, 20:30. Haiti v Denmark - Tuesday 1 August, 19:00. Morocco v Colombia - Thursday 3 August, 18:00. Reference: Tourism Western Australia

Australia Finish in the Top Four of the 2023 World Cup

Australia played England in the Semi Final of the 2023 Women's World Cup, hosted in Sydney, Australia. A 3-1 defeat to England, in front of over 70,000 fans, saw Australia enter the third place playoff v Sweden. The Matildas lost the play off 2-0 and a secured fourth place finish, their best result in a World Cup Tournament.

Western Australians receive their Matildas Caps at Optus 2023. Photo Courtesy Football Australia

Western Australian's Collect Much Awaited Caps

Maria Hulls (nee Doyle), Sara King, Lizzy Claydon and Janice Stott receive their Matildas Caps in front of 60,000 fans at Perth's Optus Stadium in October 2023, where the Matildas defeat the Philippines 8-0 in an Olympic qualifying match. The Western Australians have waited over 20 years to receive their caps for representing Australia! 10 years ago, hosting a stadium of adoring women's football fans wasn't even a thing and remembering who did or did not receive their caps was not on Football Australia's radar. A World Cup on home soil and an incredible surge of support for women's football has changed all that in 2023. Photo courtesy of Football Australia

Ascot 'Girls' Soccer Club Reunion November 2023

Ascot Soccer Club Reunion, Ascot Celebrates 50 Years

In November 2023, 50 years after they formed, Ascot Girls Soccer Club reunited. Some very notable faces include Janice Stott, Jude Pettitt, Julie Clayton, Audrey Williams and Jill Syson. Photo by Rose-Maree Hoath.