The History of Women's Football (Soccer)
in Western Australia

Follow the timeline of Western Australian soccer from the 1920’s when women’s soccer appeared sporadically across the state and was not taken seriously as a sport to a Women’s World Cup landing in Perth in 2023. This is a living breathing documented timeline and we welcome community input to make the history of Western Australia a more complete picture. 

Keeping up to date with news about our history

This picture of the 2004 squad shows just how much of the squad was made up of players who played for Northern Redbacks (players in colour). The team included future Matildas and W league players, Collette McCallum, Hayley Crawford and
As a 21-year-old in 2005, a good friend of mine, Penny Tanner, asked if I wanted to come along to a meeting of the Women's Standing Committee in Perth, Western Australia.
Two months ago, football administrator Heather Reid went diving into her archives for days on end after receiving a seemingly innocuous query.
1979 WA State Team Mike Brentnall Coaching
1979 WA State Team Mike Brentnall Coaching
As Perth is swept up in soccer fever, the State Library spotlights stories from the women’s game in WA and celebrates the pioneers who’ve shaped it. In addition to material from our heritage collection, discover a new oral history project
On the cusp of the greatest Women’s sporting event Australia and New Zealand is likely to host this century, Tony Persoglia looks back on a match which played a pivotal role in the formation of organised Women’s football in Victoria.
Football South Australia is delighted to recognise South Australian, Moya Dodd AO, who has been acknowledged in the 2023 King’s Birthday Honours List.