Local League Women’s Football Update April 2011

Hi everyone

Happy Easter!

Heres the news on the 2011 season so far

Tanya Oxtoby has been appointed as Football West Full Time Women’s Football Manager. Tanya started her job just last week.

The 13s State Team has been away this week under Coach Salv Todaro and Physio Tracey Wheeler. Go to > www.footballwest.com.au for more information.

Hall of Fame nominations close April 30 (refer Hall of Fame page on this website). Open to nominations from any member of the footballing community to nominate for 3 separate categories (Champions, Merit, recognition). Names like Tracey Wheeler, Sandra Brentall, Beckenham Head Coach John O’Connell, are already Hall of Famers.

Night Series
– Final at Coker Park last Sunday won by Queens Park over UWA
– all female officials for the first time
– well done Queens Park for providing the venue
– a large crowd watched the game

Womens Standing Committee
– 3 members appointed (Deb Farrell South West, Lee Waterman Quinns and myself), 7 required for full compliment totalling 10,
– if you have already been nominated and put forward an application to the AEC please attach that same nomination here and I will follow it up
– otherwise would love to receive your casual nomination to be a part of the WSC (phone Penny 0408921832 to find out what involvement duties etc)

Leagues and Cup underway
> www.footballwest.com.au > competitions > women’s
– who do you think are the two largest women’s clubs in WA?
– Cup continues into the second round Tuesday 26 April
– all social leagues are into second round
– did you know that WA great Sandra Brentnall is still playing- what a fantastic role model for the younger players
– Premier League is being challenged, with one bye already in the 10 team format, East Fremantle are struggling to field a Reserves team
– a solution may be to offer them a place in another division in order to change the fixtures to an 8 team template (its a user pay system and everyone wants to play as many games as possible for their registration), or to encourage excess Premier players (youth or senior) from other clubs to filter to East Fremantle
– if you have a comment please let me or FBW know a solution to help East Fremantle asap

– http://www.wais.org.au/other/id.php?section=Programs&ID=17
– development pathway teams have been renamed from HPC
– squad playing in the boys 14s is now NTC womens (coaching staff may have changed from last year)
– squad playing in Premier League women is called girls 15 NTC and girls 17 NTC
– the squads are playing scratch matches (Beckenham v NTC tonight 21.4.2011 at Mills Park 6.30pm)

Do you have any thoughts on new clubs formation, zonal competitions or structure of the leagues? Let me know and I will let FBW know! Or let them know direct 9422 6900.

This information is also posted to nicholast72.sg-host.com. If you want to promote any of your women’s club activities let me know and I will post to womensoccer.com.au.

Have fun out there!


Women’s Standing Committee 0408 921 832
The World Football Programme Radio 107.9FM Saturdays 9-12 noon (break over Easter)