Dear Women’s Club Representative,

In October an email was sent from Football West to all Club Secretaries who have women’s metropolitan teams competing asking for feedback from clubs in the BankWest Women’s Metropolitan Leagues to the proposed league format change where the Metropolitan Division One would have a name change to “Central Division” and then all other divisions underneath this would be named North and South Divisions.

From the feedback that was received, there were positive responses to the format which was communicated to the Women’s Standing Committee, who discussed this and recommended that the new format should be implemented for 2017. There had also been some commentary from clubs in relation to shortening the season and the Standing Committee felt that there shouldn’t be more than 10 teams in a division.

The new look format will be as follows for the Women’s Metropolitan Leagues in 2017:

Central Division – 10 teams
North Division One – 10 Teams
North Division Two – 10 Teams
North Division Three – 10 Teams
South Division One – 10 Teams
South Division Two – 10 Teams
South Division Three – 10 Teams
Football West