New WA Women’s State League Division One

Letters should reach clubs this coming week from Football West in reply to Expressions of Interest for the League.

The new League will not affect any of the existing junior competitions unless a club decides to lift players or teams teams from that competition to fulfill its State League ambition.

For example any club with 17s girls teams may use players and whole teams from that junior competition, if they qualify by age and ability, as their Reserve team to the State League Division One team.

It is solely at the club’s discretion (and thoroughly encouraged for their development) if these junior players are able to compete in the new competition.

Once the club makes the commitment to the new State League, Football West will expect the club to give priority to filling this fixture first. For example if the club has another team in the metro competition, it would expect to forfeit players in that fixture in order to fulfill the State League fixture.  This is because the State League fixture will be promoted by Football West as the premier women’s competition on various mediums and profiled to the public.

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