Perth Hills FC Musicians


In addition to turning out some very good female soccer players, Perth Hills United now has a history of turning out some very good female musicians too.

Those of you who know Amber Iredell-Scott, AKA ‘Big Red’ and the ‘Ginger Ninja’, know she is a very good soccer player (almost state representative in WA’s girls U/13 team a couple of years ago, hero of last year’s U15s Girls grand final team, for which she saved three penalties in the semi-final shoot-out).  This year Amber stopped playing the round-ball game to seriously do music in her spare time (which, as a Year 11 student, isn’t much time at all).

About six weeks ago, some of us went and saw Amber front a rock band at the Parkerville Tavern called ‘Sub-Life’.  The band are now called ‘Short Notice’ and have written some original material.

Never one to do anything by halves, Amber is also part of duo called ‘Four Hours of Awkwardness’, who write their own songs.  I learnt today that Amber and her mate Scott Ruthenberg who make up the mini-band are currently 1st in WA in one of the indy music charts and sitting at fourth place in this chart nationally.

If you would like to hear Amber and Scott sound like, go to Facebook at:

Those who go to ‘The Principal’ Restaurant, Brewery and Bar in Midland may have seen a young woman called Jana Biddle singing with Fenton Wilde (ex-lead guitarist with The Jets).  Jana was a member of the original (and legendary) ‘almost girls team’ at Perth Hills United.

Last but not least, I should mention my daughter Hannah and Tara Duane, who have also been taught singing by Fenton and sung in a group with two other friends in the past at the Mount Helena Tavern.

Congratulations to all the girls concerned – and I hope to get them back playing soccer again one day.  😉


Steve Ireland