Australia v Germany was by far the best Aussies performance at Rio so far.

The tables see Brazil and China in the top two in Group E, Canada and Germany in Group F and US and France in Group G – all 6 going through. Sweden and Australia finish as the two best third placed teams and are also going through. NZ as the last third placed team, just missed out along with SA, Zimbabwe and Colombia.

Canada defeated Germany 2-1 to finish top of their group F and are the only team not to drop any points through the group stage.

Quarterfinals Saturday
Brazil v Australia 13/8/16 9am
US v Sweden 13/8/16 12am
China v Germany 13/8/16 3am
Canada v France 13/8/16 6am

Semifinals Wednesday 12am and 3am

Can the Aussies progress?

Stats- pretty even
Australia beat Brazil in the last WWC
Brazil defeated Australia in their pre rio friendly
In Australia we won one apiece two years ago

Watch out Brazil if this Australia comes out to play!-