Round 8 Premier League Wrap

Report by James Mooney

FW NTC 17’s 4 (Tika Miller 2, Leigha Bullock-Lee, Emily Henderson)
East Fremantle SC 4 (Hollie Coppell, Emma Neville, Alyce Correia 2)
@ Celebration Park

Wet weather set the scene for this hard fought 4-4 draw, with East Fremantle and NTC sharing the lead over the course of the game.

East Fremantle opened the scoring thanks to a strike from Hollie Coppell, however their depleted first team squad numbers left the door open for NTC.

The lead went back and fourth with NTC getting the better of East Fremantle in the first half.

NTC’s young legs relied on the long ball to stretch and outrun East Fremantle’s defence, which proved to be trouble.

NTC went into half time with a 4-2 lead and to East Fremantle’s credit with limited resources they came back with goals from Emma Neville and Alyce Correia.

East Fremantle were happy to grab the point against the NTC as injuries have forced the squad to dig deep into their reserves.

NTC have the bye next week while East Fremantle will face the Northern Redbacks, who are more than likely frustrated from their own result today.


Northern Redbacks SC 0
Balcatta SC 1 (Bec Di Carlo)
@ Mills Park

Balcatta continued to solidify their place at the upper end of the table after a close   1-0 victory over the Northern Redbacks.

Both sides are sitting at the pointy end of the table and knew the points from this game were vital, as bodies were put on the line.

Balcatta scored the only goal of the game when striker Bec Di Carlo pounced on a defensive blunder.

Di Carlo collided with the Redbacks keeper in a 50-50 challenge for the ball, luck going Balcatta’s way, as the ball rolled into the back of the net.

Balcatta will look to continue their winning form hosting Queens Park next week while the Redbacks face a depleted East Fremantle away.


Queens Park SC 1 (Monique Gordon)
Beckenham Angels SC 2 (Annique Keisler, Andrea Preiato)
@ Coker Park

Beckenham Angels snatched a last minute goal, thanks to Andrea Preiato, to defeat Queens Park 2-1.

Horrible weather conditions turned this game into a battle as Queens Park continue to prove their worth against the league’s benchmark.

All the goals came in the second half with Queens Park’s Monique Gordon opening the scoring, an upset looked to be brewing.

A swift reply from Beckenham’s Annique Keisler levelled the scoring, however the wet weather made it difficult for either side to run away with the game.

Minutes from full time Andrea Preiato found herself on the end of a corner, heading home the winning goal.

Preiato’s match-winning goal now extends Beckenham’s lead at the top of the table to four points.

Beckenham will continue their campaign next week against UWA-Nedlands while Queens Park will take on Balcatta.

UWA Nedlands Had the Bye