Sports First Aid

First Aid principles thanks to G17D2 Coach Jon Spears who attended the Sports Medicine course this week. Theres another free one lined up next week through Football West and SMA.

SMA recommend the CALMSS approach:
C CALL Wait until called on by the referee
A ASK Ask the player what happened. Where does it hurt?
M MOVE Ask the player if they can move the body part. Can it move it’s full range? If you suspect a neck or spinal injury then do not move the player until the ambulance arrives.
S STAND Ask the player if she can stand up
S SKILL Ask the player to demonstrate a soccer skill such a a run and turn before the player returns to the pitch

If the player remains in pain then she should not return to the pitch.

Players can be taken from the pitch with a one person crutch, two person crutch, seat lift or stretcher.

Stretchers should be carried by a team of four with the first aider protecting the injured area during movement.

Strict rule enforcement: elbow or hand to head should mean DISMISSAL
Warm up
Sporting play
Safe playing area
Wear shin pads
Adequate hydration
Effective injury management

Act with good judgement within your knowledge

Soccer injuries may include:
Nose bleeds
Sprains, strains and contusion: RICER. No HARM
Concussion: see attachment for AFL guidelines. Players with concussion must not return to play.
Cardiac arrest

Sports Medicine Australia. Sideline Help

If you would like any of the the fact sheets listed below, please post me a message with your email address.

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sport-specific-2008-football-soccer-fact-sheet-nat <sport-specific-2008-Football-soccer-fact-sheet-nat.pdf>
afl_concussion_management_2012 <AFL_Concussion_Management_2012.pdf>