Standing Committee and Zone Representative Elections

2015 Elections: Nominations due by June 26

The Football West Constitution and By-Laws state that elections for Standing Committees and Zone Representatives must be held every two years.  Since the last elections were held in May/June 2013, Football West has now commenced the 2015 election process.

We  therefore request that clubs co-ordinate meetings in the next two weeks to determine whom they wish to nominate for the positions available.  The probity of the nominations and elections will be overseen by an external consultant.


To be nominated as a Zone Representative or Standing Committee Member, a person must be nominated by either of the following, whichever is appropriate:

  1. A Club; or
  2. Two persons

eligible to vote at the relevant election as described in paragraphs 4.2, 5.2, 6.2, 7.2, 8.2, 9.2, 10.2 or 11.2 of the Initiates file downloadFootball West By-Laws (By-Law 1).  The nomination must be on the appropriate nomination form at the bottom of this page and forwarded to

Permissible Nominations

As a reminder, clubs may nominate:

  • 1 candidate for each competition Standing Committee representing the competitions in which they field teams; and
  • 1 candidate for Zone Representative in the club’s zone.

For example, XYZ Football Club that is located in the North Metropolitan Zone and fields teams in the State League, Men’s Masters League and Junior Girls League may nominate:

  • 1 candidate as Zone Representative for the North Metropolitan Zone;
  • 1 candidate for the State League Standing Committee;
  • 1 candidate for the Amateur, Social & Masters Standing Committee; and
  • 1 candidate for the Junior Standing Committee.

Eligibility to Stand for Election

To be eligible to stand for election a person must be 18 years or older.

Standing Committees may consist of 6 to 10 members nominated by clubs from each of the 10 Zones.  A list of clubs and the zones in which they are located is at the bottom of this page.  Only one person per zone may be appointed or elected to a standing committee in the first instance.

Should more than one nomination be received for a standing committee from the same zone, an election will take place.   Clubs and nominees will be contacted should this occur and the election will take place as soon as practical after nominations close.

The chairs of each Standing Committee together with Zone Representatives will comprise the voting members of Football West – Standing Committee chairs are chosen by the Standing Committees themselves at their first meeting.

This elections process is vital in engaging stakeholder input into the strategic direction our game takes, and will provide a great platform for the sharing of information and learning from all areas of our state.

For those of you intending to stand, I wish you well. Your involvement is hugely appreciated and valued.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Keith Wood on 6181 0715 or via email at Opens window for sending

For below forms go to this link:

Initiates file downloadFootball West By-Laws

Initiates file downloadFootball West Zone Boundaries

Initiates file downloadNomination Form – Zone Representative

Initiates file downloadNomination Form – Referees Standing Committee

Initiates file downloadNomination Form – Coaches Standing Committee

Initiates file downloadNomination Form – Women’s Standing Committee

Initiates file downloadNomination Form – Futsal Standing Committee

Initiates file downloadNomination Form – Junior Standing Committee

Initiates file downloadNomination Form – Men’s State League Standing Committee

Initiates file downloadNomination Form – Amateurs, Social & Masters Standing Committee