State League Evaluation 2012

Hi Everyone

I hope you have received the July WSC minutes by now.  They are on Some notes from those minutes include asking for feedback on
Masters competition (over 30’s)
South and North competitions (regionalising)
Social competition as part of the Metro competition

The season is coming to a close and some notes for your calendar
Interstate Challenge is 13 October for the Premier League Champions against South Australian Champions
Football West Presentation Night is at the Burswood 12 October
The Cup Final is Sunday 7 October

State League
There will be one team up from Division One to Premier (Melville after securing a win today) and no teams relegated, which will make 8 and 8 in the State league competitions
The State League created a huge challenge for many clubs this year where their survival in the competition has been questioned.
We knew clubs would draw from juniors and metro competitions to make up numbers
It has been very difficult for some clubs to meet numbers with the 9 game rule in place and where clubs are already light on teams, having taken players from lower divisions
It may be another challenging year for clubs who will have to promote players again from below, or attract quality players to their club.

How has your club found the year in terms of club support, club and committee resources, council support, playing numbers
Are you planning for next year, do you need help. Many clubs have been asking what they can do now to attract quality coaches and players and secure grounds for growing clubs.
What would you like the WSC to do to help or perhaps Football West?

Some of the things that have been discussed to increase club profile and attract players are
club mergers
early planning
coordinating and educating coaches and teams to a common objective and pathway at your club
requesting councils to allocate grounds that are under utilised by other sports and clubs
attracting commercial academies, FBW programmes and Perth Glory to use your club for their holiday programmes and therefore attract kids, players and coaches, education sessions and upskilling for parents and officials, approaching schools to promote the club or use their resources, coach their teams and offer practicum for students, shopping centres, libraries and business noticeboards, multi sports days with other sports at your club or other clubs.
if you have some great ideas you would like to share please email me and I can forward on.

Please comment wether critical or positive so we can plan for changes and help if we can!

Penny TannerHoath 0408 921 832