State Regional squads off to Singapore and Phuket

Monday, October 29, 2012

Football West will have six Western Australian Regional Squads attending Singapore and Phuket during November 2012 to participate in International Tournaments being the 2012 Singa Cup and the Phuket International Youth Cup.

The squads were selected by Football West coaches in attendance at the April Country Camp where regional players identified from the 2011 Country Week titles were put through their paces over four days competing for the chance to be selected for WA State Regional.

The U12, 13, 14 and 16 Boys along with the U17 Girls will compete in Singapore at the Singa Cup where they will face teams from India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

The U15 Boys team will travel to Phuket where they will go up against teams from Asia along with East Fremantle and possibly a visiting Russian team.

Representatives from the regions are listed below:
Katelyn    Slee    GERALDTON
Kimberley    Clegget    CCJSA
Jamie-Lee    James    CCJSA
Jaclyn    Muscio    GERALDTON
Rhianna    Tunks    GERALDTON
Dayna    Cassidy-Smith    ALBANY
Ariana    Longmore    LNJSA
Indiana    Lysaght    LNJSA
Hannah    Merritt    LNJSA
Keeley    Milner    LNJSA
Jessica    Thomas    ALBANY
Siobhan    Longmore    LNJSA
Baxter    Thew    LNJSA
Logan     Walton    CCJSA
Liah    Cassidy-Smith    ALBANY
Kasey     Clancy Taylor    GERALDTON
Dan    Evans     METRO
Lea    Stinton    METRO