Taster 1

Kelme will provide a playing strip to the value of $900.00

Taster 2

You must be a member of FBW and Radio Fremantle

Taster 3

The competition runs through April 2012


The World Football Programme (WFP) team are looking for a club song in the spirit of the game. The winning club will win a full strip (shirt, shorts and socks) to the value of $900.00 from Kelme.


1. Club and its entry individuals must be a Radio Fremantle station member and registered with FootballWest (FBW). Station membership is gratefully received and is non refundable should this competition not proceed.

2. Club must endorse the entry

3. Reason, sense and ethics prevail. The club’s entry must not break the laws of the land, station, ACMA or FBW rules especially regards bringing the game into disrepute.

4. Runs through month of April

5. Entries are judged by combination of WFP team rating and votes and number of likes on Facebook. The WFP team are finalist judges and their nominees and their decision is final and without appeal

6. Entries must be in a format that can be posted on you tube and posted to the WFP facebook site for public attention

7. A minimum of 5 entries must be received for the competition to run.

8. Kelme will provide a full playing strip of 14 jerseys, shorts and socks value of $900.00 and WFP and Radio Fremantle is not responsible for any delay or problem in providing same

9. Club must provide an original club theme song that reflects the views, philosophy and image of the club and must not be a karaoke or mock entry. A cover of another artist’s song is acceptable as an entry if in law it is so and is stated as such

10. Entry must be a maximum of 4 minutes inclusive of an introduction of club and individuals and explanation of theme song

11. The WFP team will remove distasteful entries, report offensive behaviour and not consider said entry if it considers the entry not in the spirit of the game and this competition

12. On completion of the competition period the WFP will have one week to assess entries and speak with clubs as required before announcing the winner the next Saturday after the end of April unless this is an Easter weekend or is within 7 days of end of April. In which case the winner is announced the following Saturday

13. The winning entry will be put into the public domain via website, facebook, radio and various other media as may be determined by the WFP Team..

FBW is Football West

WFP is The World Football Programme 107.9FM Radio Programme

WFP Team are the Programme presenters and their nominees

Facebook site is


Enquiries direct to Penny TannerHoath via text or call 0408921832.