Vale Peter Dimopoulos

Photo courtesy: WA Football Hall of Fame/Football west

Exert from Women’s Soccer, No Longer a Gentleman’s Game (Author Penny Tanner)

Peter Dimopoulos

‘Peter was the longest serving President of the WAWSA before his retirement from office in 1985 (served in years 1976, 77, 79-85). He instigated the writing of the constitution in 1975, after becoming involved with the Association through coaching the senior State team and acting committee member in that year. For his efforts and service to women’s soccer, Peter was elected life member in 1983. From 1975-77, and 1981-84, he coached the senior State teams. He played until 1958, and after a break, returned to Perth in 1960 to help form the Junior Soccer Association for boys. In 1978 he helped coach Floreat Athena and Kingsway Olympic and has also over the years coached Spearwood Dalmatinic seniors and juniors, Swan Valley, Floreat Athena juniors, and for the 1990 season coached North Perth Croatia -all men’s teams. Since 1986, Peter has been on the protests and disputes board at the Soccer Federation and acting delegate for the WAWSA to the Soccer Federation 1976-7 and 1979-85. His involvement with soccer finished in 1991 with his retirement from his position at the Soccer Federation, but was reinstated into soccer with his appointment as President of the new West Coast Women’s Soccer Federation. 1990 was Peter’s 50th year of involvement with soccer!’

In his later years Peter served on the WA Football Hall of Fame since his induction in 1996 until recently.

Peter’s contribution to women’s football and the history of the game in WA was immeasurable

A funeral service will be held at Fremantle Cemetery on Monday at 10am.