W-LEAGUE: Get to know Melissa Maizels


PG News @PerthGloryFC (via Bryce Conway)
Here are 13 things you may not know about our charismatic goalkeeper Melissa Maizels.

1. Melissa was born in Melbourne on the 10th of May, 1993.

Melissa Maizels

2. Maizels is a professional postie for Australia Post.

3. Melissa signed for Glory in 2016 and has since become our first-choice keeper.

4. Maizels played for Melbourne Victory and Canberra United before making the move to Perth.

5. Melissa travelled to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup.

6.  Maizels is a passionate Tottenham Hotspurs supporter. 7. Melissa has ridiculously good relfexes.

8. Maizels doesn’t mind a cheeky dab.

9. Melissa can make an amazing cake.

@MaizelsPatisserie now taking orders for Easter and Birthdays.

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10. Maizels has represented Victoria in Futsal, competing in national tournaments at the AIS and here in Perth.


11. Maizels, just like her teammate Rosie Sutton, loves cats.

12. Melissa was the star of a documentary filmed by Rachel Bach.

13. Maizels made this incredible clutch save in the opening round of the season.



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