WA State Schoolgirls Second Again by Coach Wayne Basedon

The WA State Schoolgirls team recently competed in the National Australian Schoolgirls Championship held this year in Sydney. With six full state teams competing NSW, QLD, SA, ACT, VIC and WA and with no finals format the ability to attain a medal position is extremely difficult.

Determined to follow on from 2013’s successful 2nd place result, the players worked extremely hard to record wins over QLD, SA and VIC, narrowly losing to NSW and drawing with ACT to again secure 2nd place.

As a result of a great team performance throughout the week, WA had one player selected in the All Australian Schoolgirls team destined to travel to England, Scotland and Wales in January next year for international games and scouting opportunities. In addition another four players were selected in the Shadow Australian team as replacement players.

Australian Schoolgirls Rep: Zoe Andrijic (Fremantle)
Australian Shadow Players: Emma Neville (East Fremantle)
Caitlyn Broomhead(Beckenham Angels)
Lucy Jerram(Rockingham City)
Leniana Masibaka

With the team well led by Emma Leaning (Beckenham), Evie Marchetti (Melville) and Leniana Masibaka all players fulfilled their roles admirably. These 16 players now write themselves into the history books and I thank these players for giving up their time and their clubs for making them available to help WA achieve a memorable result and promote Women’s Football.
Wayne Baseden (Coach)

Game Results
WA 4 (Maguire 3, Neville 1 ) vs SA 0
A strong start with a goal in the first 34 seconds of the game from Taylor Maguire (Melville) and another well taken goal in the box by Emma Neville (East Fremantle) courtesy of a huge throw from Caitlyn Broomhead (Beckenham), set SA on the back foot early in the game. After going in at half time 2-0 up, WA went on with the event and scored another two to finish the game at 4-0. Taylor Maguire (Melville) went on to score a hat trick.

WA 0 vs NSW 1
A great game that ebbed and flowed in both directions throughout the entire game. It took an outstanding well taken goal to break the dead lock just before half time to have NSW go in 1-0 up. To the players credit they fought back well and in the last 15 minutes of the game threatened the NSW goal on numerous occasions to just fall short of being able to convert.

WA 2 ( Neville 1, Simmonds 1) vs QLD 1
The NSW game took a lot out of the players but they backed up well against QLD to have them on the back foot early with Emma Neville (Fremantle) scoring in the first 3 mins to go into the break at 1-0 up. The three game schedule was taking its toll and was adding extra pressure on the players ability to maintain possession however, the girls were able to score on a counter attack with a well-placed Steph Simmonds (Melville) goal to give WA a 2-0 lead. It wasn’t until the last 8 minutes of play did QLD score and this helped fire them up a little pressing the WA goal with 6 corners but to no avail. A gutsy win.

WA 3 (Simmonds 1, Maguire 1, Longmore 1) vs VIC
Another good game and controlled from start to finish by the WA players. Again an early goal in the first half by Steph Simmonds (Melville) followed with an opportunistic goal from Taylor Maguire (Melville) and a headed goal from Siobhan Longmore (Melville) all helped set up a 3-0 lead into the half. Threatened only in small patches, our ability to maintain ball possession and restrict theirs allowed us to dictate terms.

WA 1 (Neville 1 ) vs ACT 1
ACT had been accumulating some good results with a draw against QLD and a big win over SA and as it turned out this match result would determine second position. Emma Neville (East Fremantle) put us on the track to a win with a great 25m power drive that was too good for the keeper and enabled WA to go 1-0 up taking us to half time. With only about 10 minutes to go in the game ACT scored from a scrambled corner to give them some hope of a win. Our defensive line and controlling midfield had been consistent all week and did not give them another chance enabling the draw to secure second place for the WA team.