WA Women’s Long Service Awards

WA Women’s Long Service Awards and Life Memberships

There are 58 Long Service Recipients and 6 Life Members who have received awards during 1971 to 2004 before WSWA dissolved and merged into Football West.

Some names you may recognise are Sandra Brentnall, Luch Colangelo, Alannah McTiernan, Janette Spencer and Peter Dimopoulos.

Long Service recipients received their awards for coaching, playing and administrating for 10 years and more.  Bronze, silver and gold medallions have been presented to members of WSWA prior to 2004.

Life Memberships were given for outstanding service to members of Women’s Soccer in WA prior to 2004.

Football West is in the process of collating similar lists of previously recognised recipients from the Amateur, Junior, Semi Professional and other Associations prior to Football West inception. Plus it is in the process of putting in place a system of recognition for Members of Football West.

Stay tuned for more information.