Wanneroo City enter Women’s State League

Congratulations Wanneroo City ‘The Roos’ on their successful application into the Women’s State League Division One 1 for 2015.

The club holds a strong geographical position in the northern suburbs, comes from a season with their top team finishing first in Metro Division Two by ten points and no losses, with over 500 members and growing, committed individuals on the committee to support growth in the women’s game, terrific pitches and intentions to expand its facilities, it was considered an exciting prospect to draw players to it for growth of the women’s game.

This will enable the Division One WSL competition to have an even number of teams for the new season.

The Women’s Standing Committee reviewed the club’s application to the WSL for 2015 at their meeting this week after putting out the request for applications to the football community more than two months ago.

Welcome to State League Football!