Venue- E and D Litis Stadium

Attendance- 28 including representatives from Football West and clubs.

A disappointing turnout from clubs perhaps due to cup rounds, referee course and coaching coaurse also running on this day.

Peter Hugg (Football West CEO) presented papers on working with School Sports, the new National Premier League model and Blueprint for Womens Football. Available on request.


2010  5806 females 4450 under 18

2011  6727 females 5175 under 18

2012  6763 females 5076 under 18

2013  6101 females 4408 under 18

Many of the reasons for dropping numbers and large turnover are related to coaching as canvassed by FFA in surveys of the membership over the last 12 months. Although a large number of females turn over, how would we cope if they were all retained?

Jess Bonzas has been working on a LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME

This is to encourage players to become coaches and mentors beyond their current or past experience to commit to fostering our next generation.

Fliers were handed out for the Kick and Try Day July 18 for girls 8-12 and SAP workshop sessions July 28 and August 16 for coaches.

Katy Gill talked about the GOOD SPORTS PROGRAMME

Glory players can visit your club to conduct sessions and help foster mentoring.


school sports recognition (none provided by Football West- its up to clubs to negotiate the pathway with each other and in consideration of other representations as well, otherwise could be a fixturing challenge)

WLeague trials and coaches getting to clubs (trials commence shortly)

referee quality and numbers

SAM MUSCA from the Referee Standing Committee brought up some great initiatives

1. referee academy scholarships (3 year programme of free education)

2. free female education in junior licence

3. visits by the RSC to clubs to encourage females to upskill

4. club based programmes with a minimum of 15 members (neighbouring clubs encouraged to join together)

5. encourage young players to referee club junior matches as introduction to the game

Minimum age to referee is 14 and you must be 2 years older than the age you are refereeing.


1. coaching development

2. player retention

Dates TBA

More information? Contact Penny at socceron@womensoccer.com.au

trialling for representative teams