Womens News Update 2013

Hi everyone

(this is sent out to all club contacts that I know of- if you would like to be on that list please email me)

Welcome to season 2013! Here is a wrap of all the significant things to remember for womens football.

Your current Standing Committee Group is
PennyTannerHoath Chair (thats me)
Steve Ireland (Perth Hills)
Tras Young (North Beach)
Lee Waterman (Quinns)
Tim Hodgson (Redbacks)
Conrad McKelvie (UWA)
Elisa D’Ovidio (Football West)
CEO Football West and Competitions manager
If you need contacts for anyone either reply here or go to Football West for information 94226900 or info@footballwest.com.au.

Nominations are open for the next WSC.  This is an unbiased process through the AEC. Nominations close May 3. The WSC is important for making reviews and recommendations direct to Football West (FBW). Your club committee will have a Club Pack forwarded by FBW. Nomination forms are in that and need endorsement by your Club President and Secretary.

Standing Committees are so vital to have your thoughts heard! Sometimes FBW just dont have the time to deal with the ground issues and thats where the WSC come in.

There is a Junior Standing Committee up and running now and the contacts are on the Corporate section of footballwest.com.au website. Nominations are also open for that Committee.

Here’s an update on whats happened over the summer and whats upcoming.

The Girls Day Out was held at NIB Stadium with 150 young girls attending this year compared to 100 last year. Thanks to Bankwest and Football West for providing a free event for the girls! They all went away with a bad, water bottle shirt and lots of Glory signatures.

The competition this year will consist of State League and Metropolitan Competition plus Junior competition. The State league consists of Premier and Reserves and Division One and reserves and has 8 teams in each division. It includes Cockburn and Bunbury as new entrants The Girls NTC programme participates as 17s in the Premier competition and 15s in the Premier reserves competition. They cannot be relegated. It is one up and one down within the state league. Metropolitan divisions this year start at Division One not Division two! A team from the Metro League can apply to enter the State league. Note that girls can play in boys competitions and you should request an assessment or info from FBW in this instance regards to duty of care and safety. The womens NTC programme squad play in the boys 14s Premier competition and is age capped at 19. This squad is for players that WA feels will progress into National teams in the near future or are already participating in them. You will also see the likes of our local Matildas Collette MacCallum and Katy Gill training and playing with the mens NTC 18s in the mens State League.

The Night Series was held at Noranda and Coker Park again this year through March and April.
New trophies were introduced- Player of the Grand Final- Carla Bennett (Northern Redbacks) and Player of the Series- Evie Gooch (Melville). The POS trophy was voted for by the Coaches and is an inaugural trophy that will be continued every year.
Night Series Winners Premier Group Northern Redbacks over Queens Park
First Division Group Leeming Strikers over Bunbury Forum Force
Both the new State league entrants Cockburn and Bunbury participated in the Series this year.

The Cup Round starts Anzac day April 25. Premier teams are not in the first round. Go to footballwest.com.au > outdoor > metro competition for the draw or womensoccer.com.au>facebook. Your club can opt out of competiting if squad numbers are low.  Note once played you are cup tied.

Match officials.  There has been some talk amongst the State League to instigate 3 officials for every premier match ie a centre ref and two linesman.  Football West have advised there is not enough referees to attend to this this year.  If you want to lobby for this, I suggest you ask your club to put forward comments to the womens registrar at FBW angela.murphy@footballwest.com.au

WA Manray Masters. There are two Australian teams playing in the World Masters games in Turin Italy this August.  One of those teams is from WA. Masters is over 30. This World Games happens only every four years. There will be 50,000 competitors from all sports participating. Its the second largest competition in the world to the Olympics. The WA ladies won gold at the Gold Coast Pan Pacifics last year and have won more medals than any other WA sport team that I know of. Some names you may know in the squad are myself, Penny Tanner, Di Reeves, Mhairi Glover, Mandy Laing, Lorraine Connop, Deb Farrell, Tina Glasson, Sandra Szopski. Watch out on 107.9FM for some promotion on the ladies as they fundraise their way to Italy. The squad needs to raise $120,000 to get there. Thanks to Football West and Manray Builders for their huge support. If you want to help, please be in contact with Penny via email.

Turin Masters website: http://www.torino2013wmg.org/

There is a Masters Games in August this year at Cairns near the Great Barrier Reef: http://res.au.eventdirector.net/GCAM/SITES/1809/default.asp?PageID=23212 plus the usual biannual games at the Gold Coast next year: http://www.mastersgames.com.au/default.asp?PageID=11358. Have fun you over 30s and dont forget you do not need to be playing at a high level or even registered and playing football to play Masters.  Its all about participation. The Pan Pacific Masters is the worlds biggest Masters competition!

I have been on the WSC since its inception in 2005 and am happy to keep going as I love football. I do these email outs to keep you all informed plus run the womensoccer.com.au website and its facebook site so you can comment quickly and be informed directly. Jason Washington King and I host The World Football Programme show on 107.9FM Saturday mornings 9-12noon. Its all about local football mens and womens and national and international programmes.  We’d love your input by way of a chat on air to view your thoughts and tell us about your club or personalities.

Have a great season everyone and feel free to comment by email or phone.

Love to have you on board on the WSC or as part of a club in the womens competition for 2013.

Penny TannerHoath 0408 921 832
nicholast72.sg-host.com Local women’s football website
Football West Women’s Standing Committee Chairperson 2005-2012