Women’s Standing Committee Meeting August 15, 2011

The WSC is meeting this Monday with the following items on the agenda:

Development Trust update

Sustainability of current premier reserve league

inclusion of country teams- viability

possibility of grading to place teams to stop midseason withdrawal/displacement- top four cup, preseason grading

racial abuse and club management

presentation night- Premier Leagues men and women together for this year (formal black tie affair, compulsory?) and separate for lower divisions at a social venue

NTC viability, effect, success

The agenda is compiled with feedback from the clubs and WSC reps.  Please note that it is not the WSC’s job to discuss and decide on operational issues such as team’s forfeiting, players playing out of leagues etc relating to application of rules.  That is FBW’s job! The WSC discuss strategic concerns that are of wider perspective to the entire women’s football community and make recommendations to FBW. However if the reasons for those operational concerns keep occuring then perhaps we are able to look at the reasons behind that, that will benefit the entire women’s footballing community.

Your feedback is welcome to any of:

Your WSC representatives:

Penny TannerHoath (Chair) 0408 921 832

Leo Coppens (Vice) lcoppens@bigpond.net.au

Steve Ireland (Perth Hills) vk6vz@arach.net.au

Darren Taylor (Brooklands) gtfc000@yahoo.com.au

Christine Kelly christinekelly56@live.com

Lee Waterman (Quinns) lee33@aapt.net.au

Deb Farrell (South West) debbiefarrell10@bigpond.com

Invited representatives:

Tim Hodgson (Redbacks)

Conrad McKelvie (UWA)

Jess Bonzas/Nicola Williams (NTC)

Tanya Oxtoby (FBW)

The minutes will go up on nicholast72.sg-host.com within a week or so of the meeting and an email will go to your club letting you know they are up.