Women’s Standing Committee (WSC) Meeting Summary

The WSC met for the last time this term April 29, 2013.

A summary of discussions for the meeting were as follows:

state team pathways and coaching appointments

recognition of committee positions up for election for a new term

Night Series feedback is Premier clubs prefer playing in their own group at the same venue but Division One are happy to play across two venues to see both competitions. Trophies won were Carla Bennett POF and Evie Gooch POS

State League squad numbers and crossover from first team to second team. Do clubs have enough resources.

Challenge identified was how clubs can transition from juniors to seniors and Metro to State league and how can FBW help with this

Request from several State League clubs for 3 match officials denied due to lack of availability on a Sunday. Could be a possibility of matches were played on other days when there is less competition for the same referees.

Women’s competition Review will be instigated towards the end of this year. This will involve discussions and forums with clubs. Comments that WA lags behind in our structure and resources.

There has been no feedback from Metro clubs. There are currently 55 teams across 5 divisions in Metro.

The Junior Standing Committee is operating and you can put forward agenda items to phil.clarke@footballwest.com.au. The new ruling this year allows girls to play down in the boys 14-18 age group. WSC have expressed reservations about this given duty of care for all parties.

Any questions or feedback email socceron@womensoccer.com.au